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Brandon Mayfield Should Be Awarded Millions by the US Government

So what what his crime? Nothing..huh? The U.S. government proudly submittied his religion, his past, his occupation, and his face all over corporate media. They ruined his reputation. There is currently a gag order on the case. We will most likely hear never hear of the Brandon Mayfield case again. And why are all the "terrorists" in Portland?
(Reuters) - A Muslim U.S. lawyer, jailed for two weeks for questioning over the deadly Madrid train bombings, was freed on Thursday after a fingerprint said to link him to the attacks was found to belong to another man.

The US government insisted to the end that it was Mayfield's fingerprints. The Spanish government knew that that the fingerprints weren't his.

Brandon Mayfield, a former Army officer who converted to Islam, was detained in Portland, Oregon, based on a single fingerprint of poor quality.

The print was found on a plastic bag containing detonators that was recovered near the station where the bombers boarded the trains on the morning of March 11. Ten bombs exploded on four commuter trains, killing 191 people and wounding 1,900.

Spanish officials blame Muslim extremists operating in the name of al Qaeda. A judge has accused 19 people, including 15 Moroccans, of involvement.

"I just want to say, thank God, everyone who was praying for me when I was in the Multnomah County Detention Center ... through what I'll call a harrowing ordeal," Mayfield told an impromptu news conference.

Flanked by his Egyptian wife, Mona, and holding the Koran and prayer mat provided to him by authorities, Mayfield spoke several phrases in Arabic and English offering praise to God.

Earlier, Spanish police said fingerprints found on the bag of detonators were those of Ouhnane Daoud, an Algerian man, whom they said took part in the attacks.

A Spanish police statement did not make a link with the Mayfield case, but sources close to the investigation said U.S. investigators mistakenly interpreted one Daoud fingerprint as belonging to Mayfield.

"Scientific police have identified the prints 100 percent" as belonging to Daoud, one source said.

Spanish investigators cast doubt on the link to Mayfield from the start. While the Americans found 15 points of coincidence between the print on the bag and Mayfield's fingerprint, Spanish police found only eight, sources close to the probe said.

Calls to the U.S. Attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Portland were not immediately returned.


PORTLAND, Ore. May 20, 2004 A lawyer who had been arrested two weeks ago in connection with the terror attacks in Spain was set free Thursday after evidence pointed to another suspect in the deadly bombings.
Brandon Mayfield's release came soon after Spanish officials said fingerprints found on a bag near the bombing site were that of an Algerian. U.S. authorities had previously said the prints were Mayfield's. The bag contained detonators similar to those used in the March 11 bombings.

"I want to thank my friends and family for what I'll call a harrowing ordeal," Mayfield said as he walked out the federal courthouse in downtown Portland holding a Koran and grasping his wife's hand.

"It proves it was a total witchhunt," said his brother, Kent Mayfield.

Mayfield had been arrested as a material witness and has not been charged. It is not clear whether the investigation against him has been dropped.

Beth Anne Steele, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Portland, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Steve Wax, Mayfield's attorney, said a gag order issued by a federal judge remained in place, and he could not discuss details.

Thanks to the Spanish goverrnment 21.May.2004 08:28


If it weren't for the Spanish government, Mayfield would probably end up rotting in jail, with a broom stick up his ass.

Just goes to show you 21.May.2004 10:00


what the perversion of power can do to a country. It's like we're in the early stages of Nazi Germany, getting people use to the idea that they can be held indefinitely as a "suspect". How American is that? If they can't get this guys prints right, how can they be expected to get anyones prints right. Apparently if they're a close match and the guys the "wrong" religion, that's enough to hold him as a suspect forever, like some of our other suspected "enemy combatants".

Note these excerpts from the typical facist mouthpiece FOX:  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,119243,00.html

"ALOHA, Ore. A lawyer and former Army officer who converted to Islam was arrested as a material witness in the deadly train bombings in Spain, federal authorities said."

-- oooh he converted to Islam, the religion of terror.

"His wife was in tears because of the way the search was conducted. The FBI apparently hurt things in the house, left things in disarray," Nelson told reporters outside Mayfield's home. "He is a regular, run-of-the-mill guy."

-- Was it really necessary to make his wife cry and rip up her home? Or was that just a fringe benefit. Sounds like the FBI is full of traitors to our country.

This is exactly the type of behavior our founding fathers wanted to make sure we had the power to rise up against, and thats what we need to do. We need to physically push these un-American bully bastards out the fucking door for good.

Just reading some crap at cnn 21.May.2004 10:36



But he added: "The reality of this case is that some breaks in that secrecy -- some leaks -- have been quite harmful to Mr. Mayfield."

Beth Anne Steele, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Portland, did not immediately return calls asking for comment.

Mayfield's brother, Kent, had to be pulled away from the TV cameras by Wax when he shouted out: "This proves it was a total witchhunt."

Wonder whats up with the idiot spokesdork, Beth Anne Steele. Why doesn't this moron get off her ass and say something?

the "information leak" 21.May.2004 12:02


The information leak was supposedly some great error, but think about it in terms of psychological effect. We find out that someone's been disappeared, the reasons barely rise to coincidental, and the government says that since we found out about it, they're going to really have to be super-secret about it, so that we don't find out anything else. In essence, the supposed leak strengthens their hand and does the effective job of terrifying the populace to the point where we're afraid to even think about it.

Beware all mill workers! 21.May.2004 13:07

(-|-) (-|-)Take US to your leader (-|-)

"He is a regular, run-of-the-mill guy."

He sounds like an asshole. Just because he's out on the streets doesn't mean he didn't spill his beans while inside. Patience, indy-grasshoppas. The final chapter hasn't been written yet.

Coming to a neighborhood near you: "Flanked by his Egyptian wife, Mona, and holding the Koran and prayer mat provided to him by authorities, Mayfield spoke several phrases in Arabic and English offering praise to God."

Shall we have the authorities sound the church bells now, too?

But if he was awarded millions... 21.May.2004 15:47


...that would make him part of the eeeeeeeeeeevil rich death culture.
He might go out and buy an SUV with the money - then where would we be?

Spill what beans? 21.May.2004 16:47


The prints belong to somebody else. Somebody whos actually been to spain no less. Are you suggesting there's some other secret connection besides the prints?


fyi on fingerprinting 21.May.2004 19:57


8 points is near the peak of the distribution for points of similarity. Theoretically, this number should be more like 2 or 3, but in practice, it's more like 7 or 8. In plain English, that means that if you take a print of mine and put it next to a print of yours, there will probably roughly 8 points of similarity. 15 points is far less probable.

12 points is accepted as evidence in some legal systems, while 16 is the lower bar in others. Consider that the US government went back to Spain with the print and claimed 15 points, and that the Spanish team then took a look and found only 8 in spite of having far more vested interest than the US in finding all those responsible for the bombing (and probably having been told that this was a matching print). 8 seems to be the more realistic estimate.