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Sat Nam Concious community Truth forum

A forum of truth for all religious traditions.
Namaste!!! I am pleased to announce the formation of Sat Nam Concious community Truth Forum
This is to be a group where people from all religious traditions can get a better understanding of each other,our world,and our part in it.I'm sure there will be lively discussions from time to time,
and most subject matter is welcome.I want to include articles from Native Americans,such as writings,and poetry,and also articles from other very wonderful writers such as Portland's own peace rebel school girl.Feel free to join the group if you wish.

If you Build it, they will come... 21.May.2004 07:57

peace rebel global girl

Thank you K.C. Roberts for creating this essential site. If we can, all religions and faiths, come together in global harmony we will cure the planet of it's ills.

Oh, I live in Eugene, not Portland, though I consider myself a global girl ;)