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Musical Mission for Peace

A beautiful way to bring peace and healing to the planet...
Musical Mission for Peace

Today when I woke I chose the "appreciation" angel card. Tonight I understand the central meaning of this message as I relish in a deep sense of appreciation for two beautiful people whom I met tonight. Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia gave a performance to a small but captivated group in Eugene this evening on their Musical Mission for Peace.

I happened upon the story of this musical duo on public radio yesterday and after learning about their work was elated to hear that they were going to be performing in town. Something that Kristina said during the radio interview resonated with my knowledge of spending some time in Kashmir, a country that is 98 percent Muslim.

She was asked by the radio commentator how it is for her to travel in Middle Eastern countries as a woman. Kristina replied that she is treated with more respect there than she is in her own country.. She spoke of the myths that we have of the treatment of Middle Eastern women, saying that these women, all except for where there is extreme fundamentalism, are free and deeply cherished by their husbands, often in charge of the household. She says that she has met woman who are doctors, physicists and dentists, those that chose to work outside of the home.

Cameron and Kristina carry the message of peace with them to their travels in Middle Eastern countries and bring it back to the United States, through their music. Through their performance of Arabic music they capture the hearts of those in the Middle Eastern countries and bring their heartwarming stories of the people of these cultures home with them.

Between songs Kristina and Cameron share some of their travel stories interweaved with a slide show. Many of the photos show them playing music with their global families; ecstatic smiling faces and the delightful camaraderie of this healing universal language that Cameron calls their bridge to the people of places like Iraq.

They found themselves in Iraq just days after the U.S. military landed there after being persuaded by peoples of Jordan to take their musical message to Iraq. A journey by car that costs journalists $2500 was offered to them for $400. Devoid of press passes or other "valid" means of entry they used their musical talents as their passport into Bhagdad. Upon arriving they were met by burned buses on the side of the road, bombed buildings and a glut of destruction.

But their music brought faith and love to a war torn country. Walking though the streets with their instruments they were asked by the people to play and soon the contagious revelry had everyone on their feet and connecting in heart and harmony.

The work that this benevolent couple is doing is so important to begin the healing process towards coming together in peace and unity, as Cameron says, one global family.

Namaste Kristina and Cameron.

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