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Greens suck up to Kerry

If nominated by the Green Party, Cobb said he'd be willing to help Kerry.

Green candidate raps Bush Nader, too

By Joseph Spector
Staff Writer

(May 20, 2004) David Cobb isn't trying to fool anyone. He knows he's not going to win the presidency.

But as a Green Party presidential candidate, Cobb hopes to build the growing party while not taking votes away from John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee. In 2000, Democrats blamed Green Party candidate Ralph Nader for pulling votes from Al Gore and helping George W. Bush win the election.

Cobb, 41, calls his candidacy "a nuisance campaign to get Bush out of office." Cobb was in Rochester on Wednesday to speak to supporters and meet with reporters and editors from the Democrat and Chronicle's editorial board.

Nader and Cobb appear to be the front-runners to get the Green Party's nomination at its convention June 24-27 in Milwaukee.

Cobb said Nader offers no benefit to the party.

"I don't understand how a Nader independence campaign helps the Green Party or the Progressive movement," said Cobb, a Texas native and former lawyer for the party.

Unlike Nader, Cobb doesn't want to step on the toes of Democrats as they try to oust Bush. He said he'd stay clear of campaigning in swing states.

Kerry and Nader were scheduled to meet to discuss their campaigns. If nominated by the Green Party, Cobb said he'd be willing to help Kerry.

David Atias, chairman of the Monroe County Green Party, said the local party has yet to decide whom it will back. Soon after Nader announced his candidacy earlier this year, the party said it would not back him because he wasn't seeking the party's nomination.

The Greens scored a victory locally in Tuesday's school board elections. Although school board elections are nonpartisan, Rome Celli was elected to the Brighton school board. Celli is a Green Party member and the first Green to be elected in Monroe County, Atias said.


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Its unfortunate that Oregon law 21.May.2004 02:34

Green Libertarian Socialist

Its unfortunate that Oregon law requires third parties to be less democratic. Oregon law requires large hurdles for third parties to have a primary. Thus, I was not able to vote for Nader on the Green Party ticket. Unfortunately, the only way I could vote for Nader is to attend the state Nominating Convention and I can not afford to take time off work.

You can thank the Republicrats for that one.

This comment is so dumb that it befuddles the mind 21.May.2004 08:51


If Greens stand for their values and their convictions, they get called "spoilers".

If Greens succumb to the very popular "Anybody but Bush crowd" and the prevalent lesser of two evils logic, they are sucking up to the Dems.


You people are too much.

Get a fucking life.

steve 21.May.2004 10:36

life-long independent

When you talk about "you people" you are conflating 2 extremely different groups. Those who would call the greens spoilers are not the ones who would call the greens suck-ups. Right now I fall into the latter. The greens have never been spoilers, and never will be if they choose a safe-state strategy and nominate a nobody (no offense meant to Cobb). The green party is really doing itself a disservice in this election. Nader is going to pull a lot of votes, especially thanks to the reform party endorsement. That leaves little room for the green party presidential candidate in the 2004 election. The greens would be wise not to nominate anyone and to consider endorsing Nader (of course, their pride will probably prevent that from ever happening). On election night, when the green candidate gets a fraction of 1% of the vote and the green party is labeled obsolete, a one time fad, a failed movement, etc, don't say people didn't try to warn you. I'd really like to see the green part succeed but they will have to do better than they are right now.