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renting movie "das experiment"

want to locate copy of movie "das experiment"
A friend is interested in renting/obtaining, seeing the movie "das experiment", says he's checked around, can't find it in stores....that a fact?...or is he just being too lazy? with all the questionable police behavior in regards to citizens, it seems relevant, as some readers on this site over the last few weeks seem to think as well.

The Experiment 21.May.2004 09:23


I don't think it's all that obscure.
Hollywood might have it.
But screw them anyway. See if an indy store has it.
I live in Vancouver and Video Connections carries it.

 link to www.google.com

Video Connections
6400 NE Highway 99
Hazel Dell, WA 98665
(360) 696-2519

They're the last of the Mom'n'Pop video stores in town and still the best.
They stack lots of subversive titles and Art-house flicks.
Cool staff and owners, too.
Check 'em out.

use your library card! 21.May.2004 14:55

JOE BALL pdxbookstoprisoners@riseup.net

you can get this film on dvd through the multnomah county library system- just search for it on www.multcolib.org and place a hold. however, if you wouldnt mind waiting, PDX BOOKS TO PRISONERS will be screening this film (based on the disasterous stanford university prison behavior experiment of 1971) at NOCTURNAL (18th & e burnside) in june. details later!

thanks 21.May.2004 16:09


thanks for the info chardman!!

thanks again 22.May.2004 00:54


thanks joe ball...I looked for it in the library catalogue before I posted the question, but I must have screwed up my search...I'll try again!