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Trans Health Collective

Interested in a newly forming peer-run health collective for trans-folks?
Come meet and brainstorm at the Red & Black Sunday the 23rd at 10:30 am. Afterwards a group will be heading up to Seattle to sit in on the Transform Health Project planning meeting (for more info on this group go to www.verbenahealth.org). Everyone in the trans/genderqueer spectrum and their allies are welcome!

Woo-Hoo!!! 21.May.2004 01:18


This rocks! I am not trans, but I have quite a few friends who will be absolutely fucking exstatic to hear about this. You rock!

Where is the next meeting? 03.Jun.2004 11:25

Queer Rev.

Where and when is the next meeting? Thanx. This is a fab. idea.

. 05.Jul.2004 20:16


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