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cop conversation heard

once heard 2 cops talking.i thought it was something related to their 'job' ,as it sounded really involved and technical.but as iwas listening i realized they were talking about.......REMODELING THEIR GARAGE on the weekend!!!. THATS why people are being tortured and killed here and abroad.to help maintain what i call 'hardware store america'. they didnt know i was listening because i was hidden arond a corner out of their sight!! these people are so insane they believe football weekends are the greatest life experience.we are dying for this!
I thought I heard... 21.May.2004 05:20

that Bellingham is getting your own inymedia

Good for you guys. Word to the wise: Learn to write an informed comment so that people know what you are talking about. You guys obviously have a problem with rogue cops up there. But seriously, It's pointless to spam northwest indymedia newswire with with title about how cops are bad without any dialogue. I will be happy to visit your site and give my own anti-cop comments.


How dare they?? 21.May.2004 08:37

sadder but wiser

How dare they talk about mundane things like remodeling their garages just like they were real people??? The next thing you know they might be talking about their kids' grades or the price of milk going up and what if (god forbid!) they said something that you might agree with? Then how would you be able to dehumanize them and act as though they are some sort of alien species?

Seriously, though, we need to find common ground. We need to find common ground with cops and realize that they are people in the same way that reservist prison guards need to find common humanity with Iraqi prisoners.

More dialogue, not less.

Sadder but wiser 21.May.2004 15:56


Wow! Sadder but Wiser, I totally agree- could not have said it better if I tried.

cops are people too 22.May.2004 14:20


cops are people too. they may arrest people, lock them away in cages for years, ruin those peoples lives, break up families, keep corporate interests above anything else, kill random brown people, harrass white radicals, but they're people too!
they watch their football & beat their kids like everyone else does.
the people in charge of auschwitz (spelled right?) enjoyed listening to mozart i bet. i bet they enjoyed a nice glass of wine, to sit around with their buddies and 'chum it up' - they're people also.
but guess what?
we're people too. and we're tired of being pushed around. so while you can afford comfortability at the cost of our suffering, the only way i see to fight back is to take away any comfortability you may have.
we're tired of suffering, especially while you enjoy the fine things in life.
you fucked up the hood now its right back to ya.