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Governors can help stop jobs outsourcing

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Governor Kulongoski and urge him to end Oregon's commitment to any trade
deals that will facilitate the outsourcing of state-funded jobs overseas.
More is less: More outsourcing of service jobs will lessen job
growth in U.S.

More U.S. service sector jobs will be outsourced to overseas locations
this year and next, according to a business research firm that tracks
corporate outsourcing. Forrester Research Inc. raised its estimate of
service jobs to be lost to overseas outsourcing from 588,000 to 830,000
jobs by the end of next year. That's more than the 708,000 new jobs
generated by an improving U.S. economy so far this year, according to
the Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Four states end their commitment to trade deals that accelerate
outsourcing. Will Oregon follow suit?

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that four state governors
have pulled out of agreements with the federal government that would
commit their states to abide by free-trade requirements when purchasing
products and services. Such requirements prohibit states from giving
preferences to local businesses, requiring prevailing wage rates for
state contracts or placing restrictions on outsourcing. So far, the
governors of Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Minnesota have informed
the U.S. trade representative that they will not be bound by such
requirement in U.S. trade deals.

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has informed the U.S. trade
representative that he is reevaluating Oregon's commitment to such
agreements. Contact < http://www.unionvoice.org/ct/01zDW-51K1JQ/>
Governor Kulongoski and urge him to end Oregon's commitment to any trade
deals that will facilitate the outsourcing of state-funded jobs overseas.

And Lou Dobbs throws down the gauntlet

This exchange aired on May 13th, between CNN editor and anchor Lou Dobbs
- a public opponent of outsourcing - and Peter Viles, a CNN correspondent:

VILES: In the meantime, the Bush administration continues to negotiate
these trade deals at rapid clip. It will sign two of them this month.
Free trade with Australia next week and CAFTA, covering Central America,
later in the month. Both of those require congressional approval, Lou.

DOBBS: Well, let's hope that a new day is dawning in this country. In my
opinion, I just do not understand how a governor, representing the
residents of the states, can agree with this nonsense.

VILES: Well, our understanding is about half of them have not yet agreed
to it, about half have. A lot are grandfather deals, states had agreed
to this years and years ago before outsourcing caught on and the jobs
really started going overseas. It will be interesting to see, in the
next couple of days, how many governors say, take my state off that list.

DOBBS: In my opinion, any governor that signs up for this deal is
ridiculous. You're sitting there abdicating your responsibilities,
turning over further responsibilities to the federal government and an
administration that appears hell bent to outsource American jobs,
because they think it is good for the economy.

With an election coming up, I sure hope working men and women in this
country are paying a lot of attention to who is with them and who is
against them. What do you think?

For the entire transcript, click here.
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