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What do you know about this cop?

Robert King leader of the portland police association began his reign in november of 2001. Through the following years he has activly stood in the way of any progressive policy change in the Portland Police Department and refused to punish cops that murder. In order to confront his evil behavior we need your help!
What do you know about this man?
Is he married? To whoem? Does he have a middle name? How old is he? What part of town does he live in?
I know that... 20.May.2004 22:27

Yim Ko

he looks remarkably like Leonard Nimoy

looks 20.May.2004 22:45


the 'hawaii 5-0' guy. ya know ,the guy who orders around the pacific islanders like there retarded kids or sumthin'

Info on this cop 20.May.2004 22:51


This cop is an Ace in the deck of cards. The deck lists some basic info on him (legal name, badge number, date of hire with the PPB, current assignment). His only actual dity for the PPB is running the police union, so we pay tax dollars to pay his salary to not work for us, but to work for a non-government non-public organization.

Not much else has come our way on him.

You can download and print out the entire deck of cards here (seven 8x10 sheets, color, front and back)


You can also learn a lot about this specific cop by reading his newsletter (the rap sheet), checking his website or reading the excellent commentary done by Portland Copwatch in their People's Police Report (www.portlandcopwatch.org). That publication has a "Rapping Back" column each issue that pokes holes in the Rap Sheet.

I know this guy is a boarderline criminal 20.May.2004 23:34


He will do what ever it takes to protect the reputation of Portland police officers when they engage in criminal acts.

Isn't he a killer cop? 21.May.2004 11:39


I remember a post about King shooting a citizen dead. I think he may have been injured slightly before he killed the citizen. It was few years ago - back when King used to actually be a cop instead of a cop apologist.

Does anyone have this information?

there was quite a bit written up on this 21.May.2004 16:13

dude (King)

when Sery went on his killing spree. Seems this King is too a killer-cop, having killed a citizen that
was a young man, as I recall...16 or 17 years old. Bad fellows these kops! Bastards some say?

I know this cop 21.May.2004 16:26

Southern Belle

I know Robert King rather well, and he is a stand-up guy. But I don't expect any of y'all to believe that.

Thanks 21.May.2004 16:50


thanks for the initial.

in love and war,

Pure self defense 21.May.2004 22:12


He pulled over a car that had just done a "beer-nap". A passenger got out of the car, pulled a knife, and stabbed King. King raised his arm to block the blow and was stabbed through the bicep. After being stabbed, and to prevent being stabbed again, he shot and killed the person who had just tried to murder him over a case of beer.

That some of you would consider this unreasonable, or even criminal, you show why you lack the support you crave.

I Know This Guy Too 22.May.2004 02:33


I know this guy too, and he's not as "stand up" as he'd like everyone to think he is.

Yes, he shot and killed somebody several years back, but it was a justified shooting as the guy was attacking him with a knife (he got stabbed). If anyone doesn't think being attacked by a person with a knife, then I would have to say that you've never seen any photos of what someone can do to you with a knife.

I know him to be a bigot, who has no respect for minorities, nor does he have any balls. The PPA website, and King, spout drivel of "equality", but that is nothing but bullshit.

The only thing that union is really there for is to protect the criminal cops (it does protect some non-criminal cops, too, but only those it deems "worthy"). Does anybody really think that Sery and Macomber paid for their attorneys? HELL NO, the PPA paid for their attorneys!

Again, that treatment is only provided to those deemed "worthy"...i.e. white males/good old boys/those they can control. Heaven forbid you tell the truth, if it might be embarrasing for the bureau! Those who do are quickly cut off from all assistance and retaliated against not only be other street cops, but even more so by management. They find themselves the subject of bogus investigations. Bureau management, all the way up to the Chief, gets involved in these attacks against the good cops.

They don't want you if you are honest. They don't want you if they can't "control" you. They don't want you if they can't "convince" you to do what they think is best for the bureau...keep your mouth shut, and do what you're told.

More info 22.May.2004 02:41

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

He is married with children. I believe he considers himself to be a Christian, but I can't say with absolute certainty.

I highly doubt that he lives in the City of Portland. I would guess that he lives on the west side somewhere.

Before he came to Portland, he was a cop with Lake Oswego.

The PPA, under King, fought very hard after the Bureau "replaced" the Chaplain, to reinstate the Chaplain.

Our take on the "beer nap" 22.May.2004 02:57


We never got any info on this incident when we compiled the deck, because we put him in for his political reasons and not for violence.

With that in mine, even WE have to admit that there is such as thing as a justifiable shooting. While none of us is known to have researched this incident (we are a VERY loose-knit collective so we don't always know what each other does), based on the above info we would not have included this on his card.

He is an ass who defends rotten cops and makes this town worse by his efforts. We would not hold a shooting against him if he got stabbed though, that is just common sense. Any of us would defend ourselves with any means available, that is just human nature. Maybe he could have talked the situation down, or maybe if he had more modern tech or better training or more backup, he could have managed a non-lethal resolution but that is moot. King is an ACE because of his misdeeds as PPA boss, not because of that shooting.

It is always worth investigating a police shooting, and we might take a look at the documentation on it, but it really sounds like a justified shooting. That does not make the guy a decent human, it just makes him an ass that had something unfortunately bad happen to him.

Thank you again 22.May.2004 11:18

Michael b with arissa

Lake Oswego that, will help alot. We're very close to narrowing him down. If there's someone in your group that would like to co-ordinate working together email me at  mb@resist.ca

Bitter and busted 22.May.2004 14:35


And you wonder why you are an 'ex' cop????

Think about it.

It did not seem like he was wondering. 22.May.2004 15:36


S.B., ex-cop seemes to know exactly why he is an "ex" cop. From what I have seen of the PPA in the news, I would rather trust an "ex" cop that ran afoul of the PPA than a current cop that was in their good graces.

Arissa 22.May.2004 15:40


Mike, just out of curiosity what are you trying to get on him? A bio for your files? Lawsuit info?

I would like to suggest just going to the PPB office and filing an open records request. They typically can process them in a few minutes. You have to pay for their printing, but one of our guys went down to get the roster and it only cost ten bucks for a large stack of paper.

You can request all sorts of data on him, and you can do the same at Lake O too. I would offer to share our info on him, but all we have on him is the stuff we got from the roster and put on his card.

Make him a point man ! 23.May.2004 14:23

Ron Ellis woodbutcher#gbronline.com

He looks like a little rich spoiled boy who had too much money from mommy and daddy. He is doing a power play and is the Jesus Christ to his dirt bag cop friends. If I could I would draft him into the Marine Corps and make him a point man position in the infantry. The Arabs would get ahold of him and make neat little chunks of fish bait out him. However he looks like a woosey boy and would probably throw his weapon on the ground and run like hell ! No, he just fits the profile of another dirt bag asshole Portland Cop looking for the six digit salary and just sits on his sorry ass !
In closing I would wish him a car breakdown on the freeway during rush hour and may the fleas of 1,000 camels invade his armpits and this just might be too good of a wish....... (point men lead the group and are a very high mortality catergory)

9220 S.W. Barbur-Blvd., 119-189 / Portland, OR 97219


concerned about your point

King is dangerous and needs to go- no doubt, lets campaign to get his ass out, but i want to know why you are concerned about if he is married and to whom- your beef is with king, not his family

You Can't Vote Him Out 25.May.2004 03:23

Son of PPB cop

You can't vote him out! Only members of the police bureau can. Union President is voted on by it's members. He's not a city council person, so unless your planning on becoming a cop soon.....sorry!
The PPA union just won the longest running labor dispute in Oregon history against the city. The city just kept stonewalling in an attempt to break the union finacially but the members just kept chipping in their own cash and beat the city in their own game....Go figure!
Now the city owes thousands of dollars in backpay (not to mention their raises) to each and every police officer. Who do you think will be paying for that in the long run?

King's Family 25.May.2004 03:35

I agree

Your beef is with King not his family. There are two things you cannot choose in life: 1) the color of your skin 2)the family in which you were raised.
If you have a beef with him, leave it to him alone. How would you like it if after you were arrested, or identified, in the next protest the po-po came after and started harrassing your family as well because of you.
Let's keep this in the correct arena instead of making it personal. If you think he was crazy killing that guy who stabbed him so long ago, imagine what he would do if he found you on his front doorstep messing with his own family?
You should know he spent many years as a SERT sniper. I'm sure he hasn't forgotten how to shoot (especially when family is involved), no matter how much of a rich boy you think he looks like. He killed before and would probably be more than happy to protect his home.
Be careful whose den you walk into because you just might wake the sleeping bear!

what do you know about this cop 25.May.2004 04:06

an old friend

I went to grade school with Robert King, as i recall, he married his grade school sweetheart which would be Marci, he went to rose city grade school 6th grade thru 8th, after that he went on to Central Catholic. Robert was a nice kid, and funny and got along with everyone, he did mostly hangout with what we called soches(the stuck up group). I am sad to see that he ha become so narrowed minded, and thinks that cops are beyond any wrong
doing. He acts as if cops are immuned to all affects of society. like predjudices,anger,domestic,mental illness etc. they are just as human as anyone else, and can be affected like anyone else, so i don't understand why Robert King feels like the community shouldnt have any say what goes on with our public service workers, who foot the bill for these guys, but yet can't get any justice when it comes to holding the cops accountable for wrong doing, misconduct, and yes even murder. Wake up Robert, boy have you changed alot since you were a fun going, nice kid.

People who are nuts!!! 27.May.2004 14:12

Dr. Phil

Why are you people so concerned with this law enforcement officer? Get a life folks! And the ones who want to know about his family? You people should try and get on the Oprah show.. I may be able to help you..

Dr. Phil