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Peak Oil is getting headlines, but where are our leaders and polititians?

They vow to reduce the price of gas, but don't dare to mention peak oil.
I have been browsing the energy policies of Kerry, Kucinich, and Wyden. They all blame the oil companies but none dare to mention we are running out of oil. They barely mention energy conservation but don't dare mention getting our lazy asses out of our cars and SUVs and walking, biking, or bussing.

What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

I know these people have readers following and reporting on these pages. I dare them to start telling the truth - we are up oil shit creek and the fucker is going dry.

homepage: homepage: http://peakoil.blogspot.com

where are our leaders? 20.May.2004 15:32

this thing here

they are having their aides check the bank accounts of their election campaigns, and figure out how much the oil industry, along with every other industry, has contributed this election year. once a number is known, based on the the amount of that number, favorable policy is formulateda long these lines: the bigger the number, the more favorable the legislation. once the elections are over, attempts will be made to pass this legislation.

this is where our "leaders" are.

Kerry 20.May.2004 17:23


Kerry is just trying to get elected so he doesnt want to try to confuse the uneducated masses out there what its going to take. He knows we need higher gas taxes and a much higher CAFE standard to conserve oil but talking about that confuses and scares voters away. So in the meantime he's using the rising gas prices to criticize Bush to try to get as many votes as possible and I dont blame him. Talking about Peak Oil is something most of the voters dont want to hear.

Peak Oil 20.May.2004 18:16


Peak oil is a reality that many in the public have not heard of, have very little concept of. Increasing taxes, increasing refinery output, increasing fuel economy will not have an effect on the fact that Oil is a finite resource.

Our society, our culture will be forced to make radical changes when the oil for sale is out of reach to the masses of car commuters. The hit will really be felt when the trucking industry cannot fuel the trucks that carry the nations food supply to market. These will be immediate effects. The short term effects will spread rapidly, including a blow to the agricultural industry which relies upon chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Many of which rely upon oil for base material, and energy for production. The machines that till, plant, and harvest the crops will fall to the wayside.

Many (including my family) will use their horses for daily travel, for transport of goods, and agriculture.

The long term effects of the 'end of oil' may look bleak to some, may cause panic, but in my view it is the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. The 'end of oil' will allow the natural world to rebound from the constant attack of our kind upon it. If we as people, as a culture, and as a society cannot handle the effects of 'the end of oil' we will deserve the extinction that will come. The extinction that we started, the extinction that has sent the largest mass of species into oblivion since the comet hit the planet 65 million years ago.

I hope to see peak oil, and the end of oil in my lifetime!!!

Y2K 21.May.2004 12:07


Peak Oil sounds like another fear factor presented for our shock and awe.
This government uses fear to control us. Alternative fuels are deliberately being suppressed, domestic supply of energy is being controlled and our leaders are liars, so this peak oil meme is for the birds.

Dear Again, 21.May.2004 19:48


I would like to believe you are right, but I have read extensively and the most optimistic predictions by the nay sayers is the peak production is going to be about 2030. That is 25 years to get every bit of the replacement technology working, affordable, and into production. I don't know how old you are, but I am 50 and realize 25 years is a very small time. 1980 was not a long time ago and we have made little progress since then towards the conservation of petroleum. It is not time to say "Don't worry, be happy," it is time to get our asses in gear and solve these problems before they solve us.

Check the links on my web page:  http://peakoil.blogspot.com

not "another fear factor" but FREEDOM 21.May.2004 19:59


"Y2K" - you need to read an excellent book:

The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies
by Richard Heinberg

288 pages
New Society Publishers (2003)

it is available at Multnomah County Library (a popular title, you will need to place a hold with the library and wait a week or so to get it).

the onset of Peak Oil can be interpreted and dealt with in many ways, but the changes will certainly be liberating and FREEING for many people. It's all in how you deal with it!