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for PEOPLE in 3000

Peace for PEOPLE after us.
Respect THEM, THEY didn't do anything wrong.
Let us give THEM chance to be born.

Respect THEM, THEY didn't do anything wrong.
Let us give THEM chance to be born.

To: You, my 6 billion Brothers and Sisters!

We all will die.
In 100 years it will be brand new Generation - THEY even were not born
Respect THEM, THEY didn't do anything wrong.
Stop any violence for THEM immediately, legal and illegal. Any violence
is against Creation, against God, so against all of us.
We can not change our past, but we can change The Future for THEM.
I believe in each of you, we can do this for THEM.
I send you my message because I don't want people in 3000 to go what we
go through: wars after wars.
I don't want THEM to know any war. THEY didn't do anything wrong.

Forget your evil - NEVER KILL UNDER NAME of GOD - He is not a murderer.
He is pure clear LOVE. And I stand for Him.

Only TRIAL- INTERNATIONAL TRIAL we need instead of killing each other.

To: You, all kings of our Planet or whatever your call yourselves.
Stop "defence" us, do what you suppose to do:
give us food according Creation and give us living conditions according
And NEVER set on us against each other.

To: You, PEOPLE after me!

With studying Creation and following It's Rules everything is possible!
I want YOU by 3000 to hike in the woods of Jupiter and beyond!

April 1999 Your sister
look at a flower
smile to me
God does
I'll send more my concerns about our civilization, because this is

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