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Kerry and others fail to confront the real energy issues

Leaders blame industry and fail to account for peak oil or promote conservation.
No driver likes to pay more at the pump. Drivers yearn for the "good old days" of 6 months ago when driving where ever and when ever was relatively cheap. We don't like change and this change is more uncomfortable than most.

John Kerry has addressed our need to continue life as usual as a campaign platform. The disappointment is he is quick to blame Bush and the oil industry (who are worthy of some blame), but totally fails to address the painful truth that America is a nation of outrageous energy gluttons who need to curb their self destructive petroleum appetites. He only touches on the issue of conservation.  http://www.johnkerry.com/issues/energy/gas.html

Oil, like the forests, is a natural resource. Unlike the forests, it is non-renewable. Scientists and economists are in agreement that the planet is at, or near, the end of cheap oil supply. The slow climb to the summit of peak oil usage was a good ride. The decline, once we pass peak oil production, is going to be catastrophic.  http://www.google.com/search?q=peak+oil&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&tab=nw&sa=N

John Kerry has dodged this ugly issue. Why?

Ron Wyden also ignores the reality of the energy wall America, and the rest of the world, is about to hit at high speed. Somehow he thinks we can legislate and regulate our way back to cheap and easy oil.  http://wyden.senate.gov/media/2003/10092003_gasprices.html

Dennis Kucinich is no better. His answer is also to use the power of government to drive down prices.  http://kucinich.us/pressreleases/pr_051504.php

Like Kerry, Wyden and Kucinich can't quite tell us the bottom line, we are energy pigs, we have to change our ways, or the consequences will be horrific.

What the fuck is wrong with these so-called leaders? It is time for telling the unpleasant truth that our piggish American dream lifestyle is not sustainable. It is time to realize we must curb our voracious oil appetites and find a new way of sustainable living. Oil and gas prices need to be high to discourage waste and pollution. A tax of several dollars a gallon is not too much if it is directed to research into surviving the inevitable decline of the oil economy. The billions spent in Iraq would be much better invested in improving mass transit and educating Americans in how to adapt to how life is going to be.

I know someone in the offices of these leaders and others read these pages. I ask you to bring these issues up in your meetings and discussions. It is in your hands to get this to the attention of your bosses and into the public discourse. The truth about our energy future is out there and many of us know what it is. The evasion of the truth is not only damaging your political future, it is jeopardizing the future of society.

Hell, I would even vote for Bush if he had the balls to tell the truth.

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Vuglar 19.Oct.2004 15:58

Jack Simson

To: MK{whoever you are}

The use of such language " f--k " is totally uncalled for

in the article. It shows the total lack of a civil vocabulary.

Jack Simson