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9.11 investigation

Fri. 5/21 edition of Democracy Now! : Ellen Mariani & David Ray Griffin with Amy Goodman

Democracy Now! is viewed locally on cable access and the internet. On the radio on KPSU-fm (Portland St. only) and KAOS (Olympia, WA)
Ellen Mariani, whose husband, Louis Neil Mariani was on United Airlines Flight 175 that was headed for LA on 9-11-01. Ellen Mariani is suing Bush & Co. for "failing to act and prevent" the murder of Mr. Mariani. She will be on the Friday May 21 edition of Democracy Now!
David Ray Griffin, the other guest for that day, is the author of "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11".
Griffin's book contains forty pages of reference notes citing sources.

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From Emanuel Sferios of 9/11 Visibility Project:

Great news everyone!

We have the date.

Amy Goodman is interviewing David Ray Griffin on
Democracy Now this Friday, May 21st! The segment is
scheduled for the FULL hour. Also on the show will be
9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, who turned down $1.8 million
in hush money from the government compensation fund in
order to file a RICO Act lawsuit against the Bush
Administration for complicity in 9/11.

To find out what radio/TV station in your city airs
Democracy Now, and at what time, go here:


To listen to the show on the web on Friday, go here:

(the listen/watch button is hard to see but it's there)

To purchase David Ray Griffin's book, The New Pearl
Harbor, go here:

For information on Ellen Mariani's lawsuit against
Bush, go here:


Towards 9/11 Truth,

Emanuel Sferios
9/11 Visibility Project

P.S. - Spread the word! Forward this to lists, web
forums, friends, colleagues, etc.

homepage: homepage: http://www.septembereleventh.org

Update: Ellen Mariani will appear on Friday (David Ray Griffin postponed) 20.May.2004 16:15

Mel R.

From Emanuel Sferios:

We just got word that because of the breaking story of
Ahmed Chalabi, Democracy Now is postponing their
interview with David Ray Griffin until next week,
likely Wednesday.

Nevertheless, they will still be having Ellen Mariani
and her attorney, Phil Berg, on the show tomorrow
(Friday), so tune in.

We will keep you informed.

Emanuel Sferios
Webmaster, 9/11 Visibility Project

Our thanks to Amy Goodman; we wish David had done better 02.Jul.2004 12:17


We have in our possession an email from David Ray Griffin thanking us for having pointed out to him, back in April, Jim Hoffman's great Dust Cloud Volume physics proof that the government's story about the collapses of the twin towers is physically impossible.

So instead of drawing a blank when Amy asked David if he couldn't name just one expert who disagrees with that other guy's named expert who believed that the government's collapse story was possible, it would have been swell if David had come out swinging, and told Amy that we have the physics, we have the proof, and so it is pointless and silly to try to engage in a "my expert can beat up your expert" kind of argument.

It's almost as if, if it's not in his book, DRG couldn't mention it. How sad.

Anyway, it was good of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now to have had DRG on their show, and a shame that DRG was not more confident and assertive. He had been handed the information he needed to hit a home run, but did not even try to swing for the fences.

Perhaps DRG should spend more time at web sites such as 911blimp.net, which strikes a balance between sites which claim to know what happened, and those chickensh!t sites which merely try to raise doubts and/or which promote group-think (and are deathly afraid to link to sites which link to sites which link to sites which might say something unprovable -- a good investigator deals from strength and is unafraid to consider ALL possibilities!).