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11-Year Old Bike Enthusiast Killed by SUV in Portland

Fernando [Ponce] Martinez was a special 11-year old with a positive attitude, a willingness to help other kids, and a love for riding bikes. He was a 5th grader at the King School, just 2 blocks from his house. At 3:45pm Monday, May 17, Fernando was killed by an SUV on his bicycle, in front of his house. His family and friends, his older brother Cesar, and myself, are devastated.

Donations are being collected for the funeral expenses through the King School, 503.916.6456. There is also a collection jar for the family at the Community Cycling Center. A wake will be held at St. Andrew's Catholic Church, at NE 8th and Alberta, on Thursday, May 20, 5 to 6pm. Fernando's father said he'd like to see lots of people there showing their support.
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