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Adapting to Global Climate Change in 2004

This year provides the modern social order with its first opportunity to demonstrate not only its technological prowess, but also its remarkable adaptability. the world came to a famine catastrophe from those record breaking rains last fall. It takes many months to respond to a famine disaster, and the coming crisis is not a disaster for which there was no warning.

Adapting to Global Climate Change

There are signs that the monsoon season is beginning in the southern region of the Sahara desert. Since the late 90s rainfall has been increasing in this region, periodically breaking previous records, and last year, new records were set once again, and the result was a disaster, when these strengthening monsoons pushed the hot summer air of a Saharan summer into Europe, resulting terrible forest fires and tens of thousands of deaths. A second near disaster took place in September as raging rivers in the region came within one inch of bursting their banks and flooding took place in scattered areas. This potential flooding from the increasing rains threatened millions of subsistence farmers with crop loss and famine, since many crops tend to be concentrated in areas bordering the river banks.

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In recent years, as climate change and global warming have become big issues, I have been reading optimistic propaganda that paints a rosy scenario of a future of climate change (and I wrote a parody in response -> Global Warming is good for you (unless you are an American) . Some of the themes of these pieces include optimistic predictions of improved agriculture due to a longer growing season. As for the problems that will occur we are told that humans are adaptable and using our technological prowess we will certainly be able to adapt to changing conditions.

This year provides the modern social order with its first opportunity to demonstrate not only its technological prowess, but also its remarkable adaptability. In the near future, perhaps this year, perhaps next, the Sahara region will continue to repeat the pattern that has been building for almost a decade now, and the rains will once again break all records. (See the page Africa's desert's are in retreat - according to New Scientist magazine.)

Given how close the world came to a famine catastrophe from those record breaking rains last fall, the next time that desert region breaks all records for rainfall, the rise of the rivers will exceed that last inch and burst their banks and millions of subsistence farmers, who live from hand to mouth, from crop to crop, will be plunged into famine. Here we can see that those who benefit the least from the sources of climate change bear the brunt of the consequences, and thus we can see that there is collective responsibility which is shared by those who have benefitted the most from the developments in the modern world, which have created the conditions leading to global climate change.

The coming crisis is not a disaster for which there was no warning. Rather it is only a matter of time and the anticipated climate disaster will take place, as the established pattern indicates that the desert will continue to recede as the rains continue to increase and break previous records, and last fall was the wake up call which gave indication of the scale of the disaster that is to come. It takes many months to respond to a famine disaster. Last year the flooding took place in September, and fortunately in the fall the monsoon begins to subside finally coming to an end in October. As the rains continue to increase, it seems likely that flooding will begin earlier, perhaps in August, and as the monsoons continue into the fall, the predicted catastrophic flooding caused by this changing climate will take place as the rains will not cease in time to prevent the disaster from occurring. Now we have been told that humans will 'adapt to climate change' and given how we can see ahead of time a crisis caused by changing climate which is predictable, this is a good opportunity to demonstrate some of that adaptability. It will also be interesting to see how adaptable the Europeans societies prove to be, given that these strong monsoons could send searing heart north into Europe again at some point in the future, and one must wonder how many times that might have to happen before Europe adapts. One method of 'adapting' would be to save money and just sit out the crisis, but then tens of thousands would die of severe heat stress. After all, the Sahara desert is depopulated for a reason, and when the heat of the Sahara scorches a region with a population of hundreds of millions we can understand why the Sahara is pretty much uninhabited.

Perhaps no other time in human history is so unsuitable when it comes to 'adapting to climate change' as the time we live in today. Adaption is not free. It costs money, and with every country on earth now subject to the whims of deregulated capital flows, and the corporate agenda of slashing programs and cutting taxes and hoarding money now the global norm as a result, we can anticipate a series of increasingly worsening disasters to claim appalling numbers of human lives, and this in spite of the fact that there has been advance warning of what is to come. You see adapting costs money, and that means social programs and taxes. In our society, the needs of the few have become more important than the needs of the many, the direct consequence of bad political policy, in particular during the Reagan and Thatcher years. Whatever happened later was only the logical consequence of deregulated capital flows, since, as the French Socialists found out in the 80s, governments must now do what they are told, lest their economies be ruined and those disobedient governments be left to take the blame for having bad economic policies. It is not surprising then to see the British 'Labor Party' allied with the extreme right wing of the Republican party, since the deregulation of capital has resulted in the disappearance of even the middle, and now when you move to the left of the right wing, you find yourself on the right wing, since no middle exists, not to mention no left. Around the world the 'Social Democrats' and the 'Labor Party' are slashing taxes, deregulating, ending social programs, with their latest targets being ending 'Welfare as we know it' and now they are targeting pension plans.

And these are the people who are going to 'manage climate change' and show how adaptable human society can be when faced with the 'challenges' of climate change. There is good reason to be pessimistic and to anticipate catastrophic loss of human life on a grand scale. If one wishes to look for a silver lining on this black cloud I am describing, well it would be necessary to think long term, and understand that this 'corporate agenda' is in the process of destroying itself. I think it is quite brave to be slashing away at things like pensions. Its only been a couple of decades and up to now people have been helpless before the onslaught being launched against them, as their jobs are shipped to the slave industries. Most of the new jobs you hear so much about are 'service sector jobs' (would you like fries with that). If you think long term, and you are able to be patient even when faced with the worst abominations, the future looks more promising as the mismanagement of the disasters to come, caused by the inevitable penny pinching, tax cutting, and greed, completely discredits the corporate agenda. Over the long term, not only will the corporate agenda, and every politician known to have supported it, take the blame for climate change, they will also get saddled with the blame for mismanaging the situation and killing many, many millions of people.

Climate change taking place over the Sahara, and affecting Europe (drought, agriculture, and their burning forests, not to mention the wave of deaths) is only one of the more immediate effects of climate change. Glaciers supply the only source of drinking water for millions of very poor people in South America, and they will be gone in about twenty years. Actually they could be gone in five or ten years, for the glaciers have been melting at an alarming and accelerating rate recently, and if the pattern continues the time to respond to this developing disaster grows ever shorter. Once again, this is a disaster that must be dealt with now, proving how adaptable human society can be when warned in advance about changing climate conditions. Now nothing can be done about these climate changes. Its a little bit late for that now, and so what we can do is only what is possible under the circumstances, and that means we must adapt. One would suppose that we could take steps to forestall future climate change, although that is also unlikely to happen, and as for the climate change taking place at the present time, we are stuck with it, and therefore we must adapt.

The water crisis looming in the near future in South America can only be managed in three ways. Either the people must move, the water must move, or a combination of these two methods is required. If the people move or the water moves this will cost money. These are poor people, who have no money, and once again they benefitted the least from modern ways of doing things while being expected to bear the brunt of the consequences that result. Now the American powers would be useless when it comes to dealing with problems like this. For decades they have been sponsoring coups and placing sociopathic lunatics in power as 'President for Life'. The American powers just are not fond of those people, and if they died off by the millions, and it could all be blamed on nature, instead of on lunatic death squads, well the American powers would probably see that as an opportunity to be exploited, and a chance to do something they have always wanted to do to those people, and did do to them, although they could only slaughter them by the tens or hundreds of thousands, rather than the millions, due to their fears of the public outcry.

I just mention this in case someone wants to suggest lobbying the American Powers in Washington. People are either going to learn to be powers themselves, and organize themselves, something they are poor at doing, as you can tell by how they have been worked over these last decades, or they can suffer the terrible consequences. As for the American Powers, they are so short sited that they are now occupying the Caucasus, source of the worlds largest remaining reserves of gas and oil, not to mention Iraq, and they are plotting against Venezuela, on the grounds that the place is being run by a dictator, something that never has bothered them in the past, but Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the Americas, and so that is not surprising either. You know first they pulled off a coup in Venezuela, and Washington congratulated the coup plotters, then a couple of days later, the massive street protests over turned the coup. Then they started demanding 'new elections' even though the constitution provides for new elections if they win a referendum. Well Chavez got in with a two thirds majority, so that wouldn't work, which is why they tried a coup in the first place. Next they faked a bunch of ballots and then complained that the place was a dictatorship, and now they are back to plotting 'regime change' in Venezuela. What is really going on is that Chavez has put in place some modest social programs using royalties raised on oil revenues, and given how you just can't have social programs these days, and given how furious people are about those royalties, which come straight out of profits, well he has to go, one way or the other. The Americans will have to use the methods of dictatorship to get rid of him, since he will probably win the next elections by a strong majority, and so democracy has to go in Venezuela for that reason, while the hypocrite American powers speak of overthrowing that nasty Venezuelan tyrant who won't leave office in mid term, and then commits the offense of winning elections, thus sucking royalties out of oil profits for social programs, which is not allowed.

Now could it be that the American Powers don't know about the coming famines or the coming water crisis, or could it be that they don't give a damn. You know, as long as those bad things happen far away and can be blamed on nature, and will also get rid of millions of people they don't like in any case, well all is well that ends well, right?


Drought Monitor, May 11, 2004
Black - exceptional, red - extreme, dark brown - severe,
brown - drought, yellow - dry


Drought Impact, May 2004
Red - drought, yellow - warning, green - recovering


Visual Greenness


View from space, May 2004

Source of Visual Greenness graphic
Pale in the west, dark on the right

S peaking of the American powers, and things happening far away, there are signs emerging that the effects of climate change will less than favorable for Americans. For Africans, after some short term pain, global warming could have positive effects, as the Sahara returns to Savannah and swamp and forest, as it was only six thousand years ago, when the global temperature was only about a degree warmer than it was in the following epochs. What a difference a degree makes. America seems destined to become some kind of part desert, part swamp.

The images above show the extent of the drought afflicting North America. Some interesting facts about the drought. Did you know that the drought in America and the process of the receding Sahara desert are concurrent phenomena. Both go back not quite a decade, and both have been progressing year by year in lock step. America gets drier as the Sahara gets wetter. The Sahara desert has been one of the stable features of the climate for close to six thousand years, and when it begins to disappear you know that the climate is changing. Now climate change being what it is, it can be said that this is a regional change, but regional changes are taking place globally. Glaciers are melting, the arctic ice cap is disappearing. Parts of the antarctic ice cap are melting. Other parts are building rather than melting, and this has given rise to the debunking story that states that 'Antarctic ice is building'. What is happening is that parts of the Antarctic ice sheet have stopped flowing, and consequently are building instead of flowing into the sea. (Every time you mention Antarctic ice someone will report that debunking story about the growing Antarctic ice sheet, and apparently they don't know that part about the way those ice sheets have stalled, but that's the way debunking works...leave out part of the facts...and that is not a good thing, because when those things start to move towards the sea again, they will be that much bigger...don't buy any property along the coast, unless you are old enough to drop dead before your real estate values plummet...It seems that perhaps this stalling of the Antarctic ice sheet has been caused by previous melting. If you examine water temperature graphs, you can see that while the arctic waters are up to five degrees warmer than the norm, there is this pool of water five degrees colder than normal around Antarctica, which must have been caused by previous melting in the region. Other regional changes include record breaking tornadoes in the United States last year. Global humidity has risen by ten percent in the last decade (caused by the earth 'sweating' and thus raising the humidity level). This results in increasingly severe tornadoes and storms which are fed by this extra energy in the atmosphere (and tornado season is upon us again).

I mention all this because there are those who will say that 'this is just another American drought'. It could be the effects of climate change, given that is occurring concurrent with other remarkable changes. If this proves to be the case, then the immediate effects of climate change will not be confined to Europeans or North Africans or South American peasants. Americans will have to adapt as well, and you know what that means. Taxes. As I suggested previously, this is the worst time in human history for a civilization to be called upon to adapt, in other words to spend money, but to look on the bright side, this modern agenda will be completely discredited by what is to come. Just give it some time.

A few mores stories form last year...

Melting ice cap, melting glaciers (disappearing rivers and lakes)
Over the next few decades glaciers which feed rivers and lakes will disappear, and so will those rivers and lakes. The Great Lakes dropped another foot over the last year, while barges are running with only half loads on the Mississippi to avoid scraping bottom. As well the Arctic ice cap is now receding at a rate twenty times faster than in the previous century..

Global Warming and the potential water crisis
As glaciers melt away, and rivers and lakes dry up, and the Western United States is in danger of turning into a perpetual desert, it turns out that the North American continent also has a depleted ground water crisis.

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Another World Already Exists (an experiment)

In the past I have protested the withholding of a video shot by the Nasa Space Shuttle camera on April 24th, 2001, that showed a luminous disk shaped craft appearing outside the international space station. This would be the same time of craft that I recognized from past experience, beginning in Banff National Park when I was fifteen, and many times since. This would have also been the craft that was directly related to that Summit of the Americas protest on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2001 (two days earlier) and what I was calling at the time 'The Eden Wing Banner', which was some big banner made out of clouds and shaped like a giant wing, which sounds completely ridiculous, unless perhaps you saw the video of those craft, and knew what I knew at the time. You see, no one in their right mind thinks that they can make a big banner, shaped like a wing, out of thousands of miles of clouds, and so of course I was expecting those people to do that job for me, since even at my craziest I am not crazy enough to think that I can control the clouds.

Some back ground info can be found on my Home Page and I also discussed the matter some on a page I titled Another World Already Exists.. My purpose in writing this piece was to attempt to motivate people, which I assume would be better than having them 'lobby Washington' or something else similar to that which I would consider stupid (for example one can well imagine Washington plotting to seize a golden opportunity to get rid of millions of South Americans, thus getting that gas pipe line built in Bolivia among other things, while being pestered by activists lobbying them to save lives threatened by that emerging water crisis). People have to learn to be their own powers instead of allowing their power to be coopted and then helplessly lobbying the powers that be (you are not the resistance...Washington, as one example, is the resistance). So therefore making people aware that another world already exists is, I believe, one way to accomplish this task of encouraging people to assume their own power, and given the circumstances if there was ever a time when the people needed to be powerful, it is now. Power is an illusion. It relies on consent or if that fails then it relies on a helpless feeling of apathy, and if that fails it relies on that last resort of discredited powers, violence and the threat of force.

Now I cannot get that all important piece of videotape released. That the video tape I refer to here does exists was briefly acknowledged and since then the whole issue has been shoved down some black hole and kept hidden behind a stubborn wall of silence. Offsite link on the BBC: UFO Video goes to Hollywood - a quote from the article: "officials at NASA are said to have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission. " You will notice that the date of the article is the beginning of June, 2001, a little more than a month after the incident I describe took place. Since that time NASA has been bribed with a trip to Mars, you know, to keep them quiet about that video, and someone probably caught hell for leaking information about the existence of that piece of videotape. Let's just say that as important as this piece of video tape is, nothing has been heard about it since then, and I think it is unacceptable that such things are taking place and you are being kept deliberately ignorant of these matters. This is a fine example of an abuse of power, in that those with the power to hide a video tape do so, because they can, and you, because you have surrendered your power can then lobby the powers for that video tape while they say no, because they are the powers and they can do things like that to you. This is what happens to you when you create powers, rather than being powerful yourself.

They will also hide other things from you, if they can get away with it (the Venezuelan strike was actually a lock out, the American powers were involved in torturing people all over Central and South America for decades, despite their hypocritical shock and horror over the torture in Iraq - let us not forget that it was said that Geneva conventions would not be observed, which is another way of saying 'we will abuse prisoners', and you might recall all the discussion of torturing people as an option that appeared in the American media, with such famous people as Dershowitz calling for torture ( CNN, May 2003, Dershowitz: Torture could be justified). Similar stories began appearing in the American media, such as the Washington Post going back to the fall and winter of 2001, about the same time that the American powers announced that they were going to violate the Geneva Conventions, which of course, they did, as everyone knows. (An interesting article on this subject -> Hypocrisy and lies over US torture of Iraqis.

Why everyone is supposedly shocked is open to question, since the Geneva Conventions were breached, as announced previously, so no big surprise there, right, and people were tortured, as was discussed openly in the American media, and of course people were tortured all over the Americas for decades. Lots of kids and lots of intellectuals and other troublesome people like that were disappearing in Argentina, so many that Henry Kissinger had to send those recently released messages to the Argentinian despots telling them to hurry up finish torturing and murdering those kids before Christmas because the White House was having problems keeping the news out of the media. And then there are those papers that reveal how deeply involved Washington was in the torture and murder of close to a million peasants in Indonesia -> CIA and state department block report on US involvement in the massacres in Indonesia The comminiques also address the possibility of public disclosure of U.S. covert action and involvement in the massacres by noting that "The chances of detection or subsequent revelation of our support in this instance are as minimal as any black bag operation can be."

So to summarize then, those powers always hide things from you. This is part of the price you pay for surrendering your power (the anarchists have a good point to be made here, about the process of creating powers and the price to be paid for having done so). Those powers are always hiding things from you, and that piece of video tape is just one more example of the same sort of thing, and its wrong, and it should be stopped. Things would be different if those powers would behave themselves, but there are always up to no good, and thus the need to be hiding this and hiding that. As for all their hiding, the Bush administration is making that easier. After that humiliating Indonesian thing came out, they began working on changing the rules so that they no longer have to obey 'the freedom of information' rules, but can just hide bad things like that, hopefully forever. This means that they can be as bad a devil from hell, and not have to worry about Kissinger letters or Indonesian papers being released in the future. Not that there was hell to pay, for the media kept pretty quiet about it all. This is America after all, and that helps, but is not a complete solution, like getting rid of that disgusting freedom of information act once and for all, a dirty stunt only required because your powers are so badly behaved. They would be happy to release all their information if it wasn't for the fact that the next things due to be released once again show wrong doing and crimes against humanity, thus causing that Bush administration to leap into action. They would also be happy to release that video tape if it wasn't for the fact that this would result in the revelation of the existence of a power even more powerful than they are, and they don't care much for that idea either. It would also change the world, and they don't care much for that for apparently they like the world just the way it is, with them being the powers and free to do what they want, no matter how bad that might be.

As well these visitors have proved to be unfriendly to the American powers, embarrassing them with that big wing during what was supposed to be their coopting of Earth Day, a great propaganda triumph during the Summit of the Americas, then embarrassing them on live television during the triumphant space shuttle spectacular timed to follow that summit, not to mention wrecking all three computer systems on the space station (the main computer, the back up, and the back up for the back up...that triple redundant systems should fail is statistically implausible, in particular, if, just by chance, this should happen just as these craft are visiting the space station). So therefore, the American Powers don't like our visitors, because they are unfriendly to power, thus causing the American Powers to become stupid and stubborn and set themselves on pursuing a losing strategy. Furthermore, by hiding the video, and hiding the truth, they are also digging a hole, which requires more and more digging, making them ever more stubborn, and over the long term, leading to even greater losses.
Now I could turn to the old standard techniques used by the powerless, you know, that bit about pressuring the powers until the cost becomes to great and they are forced to change this, that, or the other. But the problem here is that this standard method empowers the powers while disempowering the powerless, who then are trained to see themselves as the 'resistance' while viewing the powerful as the powers. It also doesn't work worth a damn and you will find yourself doing that same old same old over and over and over again, with one damn thing after another. Years and years of pressure, a small concession, and then the whole thing starts over again. Nevertheless, I still put some pressure on those powers over that video-tape, in the hopes of raising the cost of keeping it hidden, but I would not consider doing something that draining and time consuming as my only option. As the saying goes, there is more than one way to get from point A to point B.

An experiment

About one week before 9-11 I was notified by a certain symbolic display by these craft that something big was about to happen. I posted news of this event on my own website, and it can also be found in such places as the Trash Can on the Seattle Indymedia Site, among others. The date would have been September 4th or 5th, 2001. This is not a judgment here, because when you post weird things like that you often wind up in the trash can part of the site. Just before the Madrid bombing, this same sequence of events took place, and I posted news of an upcoming terror attack on my own website. I considered posting it elsewhere, but I thought, 'to crazy'. I will just keep my craziness on my own website where I can do as a I please. Well after that Madrid attack I told myself that I had lost a great opportunity to demonstrate to people that something unusual is indeed happening, and given how I cannot get my hands on that video-tape, and given how I do not want to limit myself to pressuring the powers, I need options. And so I made up my mind that the next time that happens I would not be shy, but would go public.

Last night I once again witnessed that symbolic display that in two cases in the past indicated that a type of terror attack was imminent. Due to the nature of the symbolism what is coming is much worse than either 9-11 or that Madrid attack. The effects will also be lengthy. What we are looking at here is some kind of horrible ordeal that drags on for some time in its after math. (This could be an indication of a California Earthquake, rather than a terror attack). In the past after this display I witness, the event follows within a few days to a week, so this would be imminent, whatever it turns out to be. If it is a terror attack, it is a really bad one. The worst ever. What unnerves me is that something like that could result in 'the rise of the Beast', which is another way of saying 'a right wing military dictatorship in the United States.' After all, you know how these things work. The Right Wing Authoritarians help Israel break every part of the Geneva Convention for years, including routinely killing civilians and practicing arbitrary state assassinations, not to mention the constant theft of land and property. This, our corrupted religion tells us, is the will of God, and any God that foul and criminal they can shove straight up their ---. When overwhelming military force is used for years and years against helpless people it leads to terror attacks. Its either that or roll over and die. Terror is how the Iraqis finally got rid of their British overlords earlier in the previous century, and its also how the Jewish people got rid of the British in Palestine, and now, given how these things work. And so one can assume that the Right Wing Authoritarians will first create the conditions that breed evil, violence, and horror, and then exploit those very conditions for which they are responsible, having no sense of righteousness or law and order when it comes to crimes of the state and the evil done by the powerful (which is explained by the fact that they are authoritarians). The end result could very well be a right wing tyranny, on the theory that now is the time for the American Powers to crank up their own terror machine, and really start spreading state sponsored terror around the world, since in the distorted mind of Right Wing Authoritarians, it is admirable when the state is a terrorists, while, hypocritically, it is wrong when the powerless resort to terror in their struggle against the overwhelming might of a military state. I have been rolling around in my mind the possible consequences of the worst terror attack ever, and the rise of the beast keeps coming to mind. I will be watching the abyss and if I see horns coming out of that pit I won't be surprised, since people get what they deserve, and in the case of right wing extremism, the history of the last century proves that the end result is an orgy of blood and destruction, a spiral of violence which eventually brings down upon the heads of right wing authoritarians the very thing they fear the very most, and which they imagine they are being spared by being violent and vicious, which while that is evil, they imagine to be alright, because the state is doing the violence and that makes it moral and thus alright. Individual violence is wrong but group violence is okay, especially if the powers give you their powerful authorization which makes everything fine because you have legal orders and some papers for that evil. This is the stupid thinking of right wing authoritarians who destroy themselves and a lot of other people at the same time, over and over and over again, while they look for safety under the wings of strong man, an Authoritarian fuhrer, who will keep them safe, even if means warring against the entire planet. Once evil has been defeated and killed then everything will be fine. This is true, and once the evil thing leading the RWA is finally run to the ground and killed the world can once again go about healing itself from that violent insanity that bursts out periodically on earth, because people never learn from the past.

If there should be a California Earthquake, well the repercussions of that would be that this week would be a bad time to be buying stocks. It would be much better to sit on the sidelines and wait for the market to completely bottom out, thus creating a buying opportunity. Alas the tax cut plan will have to go down the toilet because the tens and hundreds of billions required for the Iraq (oil) war already costs a fortune when you add on the cost of fixing California, well there is only so much money a country can borrow, and with those don't tax and then spend Republicans once again running the government, you have already been soaked to the tune of trillions and your credit is getting a little shaky, and will probably be considered even shakier if something happens to California. Creditors might think twice about lending you a quick trillion or two after they notice you limping and dragging that one leg behind ...

Experiment number two

This summer during the month of August I am thinking about getting out of the city and retreating to the forest for a week. As our ancestors used to say, 'be the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.' Well alright then, assuming that the Beast doesn't rise up and ruin everything I intend to retreat to the woods, or maybe I will just retreat to the woods even if that thing does go on a rampage, assuming that those militarists and the RWA don't put in a bunch of rules, you know, you can't do this and you can't do that (I only live a few hundreds miles north of the American border and believe me, that isn't far enough away as far as I am concerned).

Now what I have in mind is that I will set up a mail box. How about this...


followed by the ever present round circle a symbol
and then the domain name awitness.org

You figure it out...
I believe the email server is case sensitive which would mean small letters only, just to be sure...

Hopefully I can have at least one box that isn't ruined by spam. The other day I had 3300 pieces of spam in one mail box, and 450 in another, and thousands more in my other three mail boxes. Naturally I just dump my mail straight into the trash unread. From now I am using obscure mail addresses and not posting them anywhere. Today is Wednesday, May 19, 2004. I should have this mail box set up by Friday the 20th, and then I will need to contact tech support to find out how to make that thing send email rather than just receive email (its been a while, and that part doesn't work right).

The point here is as follows. In August, provided that I don't get locked up and tortured by the American Beast, I intend to retreat to Meadow Lake, a place with very strong memories for me, and if anyone wants to camp out for a week or a few days, and watch the display in the skies above, make plans. You see, I figure that if the Pentagon wants to keep that NASA video secret, well they can have it, right, since it was probably intended for them to view and then hide. As for me, well there is more than one way to get somewhere in this place, and you have to start somewhere. This idea has occurred to me before, but, unfortunately, since last summer, there has been almost no activity up there at all, thus making me despondent and worried. However this spring, suddenly things have sprung to life, my spirits have lifted, and now I am determined to pursue this strategy. Seeing the real things is much better than watching a tape, although you can reach fewer people that way, but then its like planting seeds. You scatter a few seeds, you wait, while things grow. People have been planting gardens and fields using that method for ages past, and while it is slow, and takes time, you do eventually harvest.