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"Potter Forces A Runoff" Oregonian Headline - WTF is that supposed to mean?

It looks to me like he won!
Why not "Francesconi Forces A Runoff"?

Just what the hell are you trying to say, Oregonian?

Sounds like you are little bitter. Tough shit. Francesconi, and his nose for big money donors, just might have to bite the big one.
WTF is that supposed to mean? 19.May.2004 15:04

that's easy

It means if people had just voted for the candidate with the most money all would be well.

I had the same initial reaction 19.May.2004 15:54


When I read the headline this morning. My guess is that they wanted to give Potter the headline, hence the victory picture, but simply an awful, awful choice of words. The only time I read the oregonian is when read the top half of the front page staring at me from a box while I'm waiting to cross at n intersection and even then I'm thrown nothing but disinformation.

Down with Francisconi 19.May.2004 18:31

go potter go

I think that the powers that be were shocked that Potter got so many votes
and the headline reflects their surprise.

Will they be surprised when Potter wins in the fall?

It means they still want Con Man to win 19.May.2004 20:03

between lines

It's a simple version of subliminal messaging. Present the situation as if Potter still didn't come in first, was just a freak occurrence, that in the run-off all will be righted with Con Man's money.

those words exist because... 20.May.2004 16:59


let us not forget the powers that be,beyond and before the simple headlines of the oregonian. Let their'shocking headlines'(those that may be shocked) add that to their 'starfrigs' and realise truth(truth beyond the supreme court) existsbeyond the couchtube that captures one to many to often. truth exists even when they refrain from noticing. celebrate&continue peace...

I KNOW him 21.May.2004 16:04


Do any of you KNOW Francesconi?? Well I DO. And I am here to say he is NOT all of the things everyone on here says he is. He has been actively volunteering in this city YEARS before he ever took a public office. Check your facts, he actually gives a shit about this town. Whether you agree or disagree with what he does or stands for is up to you, that is the wonderful thing about our right to VOTE, but please stop attacking the man just because he went out and raised $ for his camapign. At least he didn't hide his donations behind a PAC like Potter did.

Hey Jim- limit your donations to $100.00- I will start a PAC and take donations up to $2500.00- then you won't have to report any of it- and we will come out smelling like roses:)

red herring MEagain 24.May.2004 21:18


Potter didn't authorize that PAC or hide behind it. The PAC still has to report contributions, check their reports out and you will see they raised very little money. Surely you can be Jim's friend without spreading misinformation?...oh, well, maybe not. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be defending Jim's taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in large chunks from special interests. You really think those guys aren't expecting something in return for their money? Since you are such a great friend of his, maybe *you* can tell us what Jim meant when he told Randy Leonard he would remember the people who supported him early? Maybe he just meant he was going to send them all a fruit basket.