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While the city of Portland waited breathlessly to see who would go on to be their next mayor, the ethics of taking money and using it to sway votes was in the back of many people's minds.
In an amazing last minute showing, Tom Potter recieved more votes that Jim Fransesconi. The former police chief had kept his campaign limit at 25 dollars per person, in contrast to Fransesconi, who seems willing to bend over and take any amount of cash that people will throw at him and ended up with over 1 million dollars.
Potter had endorsements from former mayor Bud Clark, City Commissioner Erik Sten and other prominent Portland Politicians and personalities, but was still expected to come in second. It seems rare in the last few years for the public to actually look at ethics and integrity over massive media saturation that tells them who to vote for. The people of Portland took a stand on Tuesday, and voted for Tom Potter, who we all hope will continue to show success.
It remains to be seen who the other candidates, most notably Phil Busse and James Posey, will endorse.

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Negative attack ads begin soon 19.May.2004 09:09

from expenditure reports

Francesconi contracted the services of an opposition research firm. Expect him and his handlers to go very low.

My faith is renewed in people! 19.May.2004 09:15

Pete Caldwell buymore_beless@godisdead.com

thank you tom potter. i was starting to think that people in pdx were going to elect fransis'phony' just because the t.v. told 'em to. now i actually want to rise up and take a hand in potter's election. a
anyone who will only take $twentyfive per person is some kind of hero.

remember the money powers! 19.May.2004 09:58


FrancesCONi's power elites won't easily let him go down. They will play dirty tricks to prevail over Potter in November. And voters ARE still stupid. They did handily vote Leonard back in, after all.

Who will the other candidates endorse? 19.May.2004 12:40


Brian Auker posted:
"It remains to be seen who the other candidates, most notably Phil Busse and James Posey, will endorse."

Well for those at the Tom Potter party last night, it was obvious since they were they were there and acknowledged by Potter, specifically, Phil Busse, James Posey, and Brad Taylor. By adding those three alone it gives Potter's 42.3% another 13.1% totaling 55.4%.

Also notable, the price break down mentioned on the front page and especially "Jim Fracesconi = $19.68 per vote", is very close to the same as PGE spent per vote to kill the PUD in Portland.

Worth thinking about.

not stupid 19.May.2004 14:20


"And voters ARE still stupid."

Please stop with the arrogance. Being suckered doesn't make you stupid. It just means you need to know more of the facts. Which is more akin to being ignorant or uneducated on the matters at hand.

If you spend your time and go door to door (why not start NOW?), then you can provide people with the facts on Francesconi and Potter, and you will probably help a number of people to come to the right conclusion.