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Portland City Council Election Results: Tom Potter challenges Francesconi in November

money spent per vote:
Phil Busse = $0.80 per vote
Jim Fracesconi = $19.68 per vote
James Posey = $1.10 per vote
Tom Potter = $1.09 per vote
With a 40% voter turn out for Multnomah County, Tom Potter took the lead of Jim Francesconi for the Portland Mayoral Race. A runoff election will be held on November 2nd. City Councilman Randy Leonard held onto his seat while Nick Fish will face Sam Adams for the other council seat in the general election.

With 93 of 93 precincts reported, Tom Potter obtained 40.79% of the vote. Jim Francesconi received 37.23% of the vote followed by Phil Busse with 5.93% of the vote. Randy Leonard beat the "Neighborhood 6" by capturing 53.33% of the vote. Nick Fish obtained 47.19% of the vote for Jim Francesconi's vacant seat. He would be competing against Sam Adams in November who received 37.02% of the vote.

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