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Portland City Council Election Results: Tom Potter challenges Francesconi in November

With a 40% voter turn out for Multnomah County, Tom Potter took the lead of Jim Francesconi for the Portland Mayoral Race. A runoff election will be held on November 2nd. City Councilman Randy Leonard held onto his seat while Nick Fish will face Sam Adams for the other council seat in the general election.
Tom Potter
Tom Potter
Potter challenges Francesconi to limit campaign contributions
Potter challenges Francesconi to limit campaign contributions
Potter on full disclosure of contributions regarding agenda items
Potter on full disclosure of contributions regarding agenda items
With 93 of 93 precincts reported, Tom Potter obtained 40.79% of the vote. Jim Francesconi received 37.23% of the vote followed by Phil Busse with 5.93% of the vote.

Tom Potter mentioned at his election party tonight that he would raise his contribution spending to $100 (if a person already donated the $25, the person can donate another $100). The leading mayoral candidate challenged Jim Fracesconi to cap his contribution in this upcoming runoff election (see video). Besides campaign finance reform, Potter advocated community policing and getting funding for education. He invited mayoral candidate Brad Taylor to say a few words. He thanked Brad along with Posey and Busse for bringing fresh new ideas to City Hall during this campaign.

Randy Leonard beat the "Neighborhood 6" by capturing 53.33% of the vote.

Nick Fish obtained 47.19% of the vote for Jim Francesconi's vacant seat. He would be competing against Sam Adams in November who received 37.02% of the vote.
portland communique coverage 18.May.2004 22:48

good stuff

Good coverage and commentary:

The Post-Primary Landscape

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Also, the final election results are here:

money spent per vote 18.May.2004 22:52

frequent poster

Base on May 6 expenditures numbers versus May 18 results

Phil Busse $7,470.14/5,528 vote = $1.35 per vote
Jim Fracesconi $882,590.64 /34,719 vote = $25.42 per vote
James Posey $7,327.55/4,317 vote = $1.70 per vote
Tom Potter $$60,180.21/38,039 vote = $1.58 per vote

Expenditures Source:  http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?c=32385
Election Results Source:  http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/dbcs/elections/2004-05/results.shtml

So 3 out of 5 Oregonians 18.May.2004 23:06

Couldn't drop a fucking envelope

in the mail, even given 3 weeks to generate the spit to seal the envelope.

Interesting that Francesconi outspent Potter 20 to 1 and still got fewer votes.

actually 18.May.2004 23:10

not a math major

It was 16 to 1. But who's counting... hopefully not Francesconi's contributers.

Excellent News! 18.May.2004 23:45


Anybody But Francesconi (ABF) in November!

Glad I had the spit to spare 19.May.2004 01:00

Teddy Ruxpin

Anybody but Francesconi is my voting method. I was sooooooo tempted to vote for Extremo the Clown (I see a few hundred people gave in to the temptation for a good laugh). I managed to drag my sorry ass to the Library and drop the envelope in the box. I was too cheap to pay $0.37 for a stamp.

Now let's not fuck it up in November.

Oh, interesting factoid: there were more independents voting in Multnomah county than republicans. Make of it what you will.

updated approx. dollar spent per vote 19.May.2004 07:29

frequent poster

Base on May 6 expenditures numbers versus May 18 results

Phil Busse $7,470.14/9,387 vote = $0.80 per vote
Jim Francesconi $882,590.64 /44,854 vote = $19.68 per vote
James Posey $7,327.55/6,656 vote = $1.10 per vote
Tom Potter $60,180.21/55,042 vote = $1.09 per vote

18 to 1

Expenditures Source:  http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?c=32385
Election Results Source:  http://www.co.multnomah.or.us/dbcs/elections/2004-05/results.shtml

Wait a sec 19.May.2004 11:54


Does this mean that if Potter wins in November, and Adams wins Fracessoni's vacant seat, will we be rid of francessoni?

francesconi and the angry $1million 19.May.2004 12:07

pdx cracker

if i was one of the dupes who helped francesconi hoard a million bucks i'd be pissed, and probably not too keen on continuing to fund his blundering shitheap of a campaign. this schmuck is on his way out once and for all. i'd encourage everyone who cares about the city of portland to get involved in some way with potter's campaign. it's a sad choice to have to make, but keeping francesconi out of the mayor's office is crucial to stem the slide into stinking mediocrity initiated by katz a decade ago.

As a side note 19.May.2004 14:15


Brian Smith spent $25 and got 1747 votes, came in 4th. that's not even 2 cents per vote...hehe Also voter turnout was less than 50%. I wish Lakeman was going forward to a runoff. For $25, I got a great education on how politics work in Portland and met a lot of great people. I petitioned to get on the ballot and didn't pander for money. The Mult. Voter's Guide is the key to this whole election and wish I would have spent the money on it, but I'm a poor student.

Now imagine what the progressive people in the city could do if we actually got organized. Still glad Fish and Adams are going to a runoff, maybe we can find out what they stand for.

Much love and see you all at VBC,


Worth thinking about.... 19.May.2004 14:20


It is worth noting that the price break down mentioned above, especially "Jim Fracesconi = $19.68 per vote", is very close to the same as PGE spent per vote to kill the PUD in Portland with the pro-PUD spending about 90 cents per vote.

Voter Turnout 19.May.2004 14:32

Help Oregon Vote ahora_despierto@yahoo.com

I'm coordinating a project with the goal of removing the need for postage on Voter Registration cards and ballot return envelopes. Hopefully this will ease the process of voting for people in Oregon and increase the number of people who turnout in elections. Some quick facts:

Oregon has a population of about 3.5 million people.
Of those, 2.5 million are eligible to vote.

In the 2002 election, 1,873,000 were registered but only 1,294,000 voted.
This is a turnout of 69% of the registered voters,
but only 51% of all eligible voters and merely 37% of the state population.

More than 600,000 Oregonians could vote, but are not registered.

Anyone interested in the project is welcome to contact me.

Colin Boeh
Help Oregon Vote

Cool 19.May.2004 17:49

Pravda or Consequences

This kind of article is certainly all pro, yea IndyMedia!