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Thanks but no thanks

1 day before the election and Mr. "I will be a better Bush" Kerry shows his GIANT mug.
Listening to the radio this afternoon, reports of John Kerry in Portland are coming in. He was in NE Portland reading a book to school kids. Later he walked alongside the Willamette, at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, "turning heads" as he casually strolled along. He discussed coming back in the summertime with a local friend to wind sail on the Columbia. All of this is prior to his big afternoon rally downtown with Howard Dean.
Thanks but no thanks Mr. Kerry. It's very nice of you to show up and experience the city, especially 1 day before the primary election, but we don't need you here. Portland, Oregon more specifically, has had its candidate for quite some time now. A man who has been in this state with the people, engaging in conversations over the span of 2 months. A man who has the convictions and ideas and heart which can lead this country, and by default, the world, to a better, more peaceful place.
Dennis Kucinich is the only choice for the Democratic Party right now for our nation. Since the media has worked Kerry into the role of the "perfect war candidate", Kucinich, who himself has spoken out against corporate rule, mega-media empires, and the current situation of the Democratic party, has been virtually ignored. So Dennis came to this state, and came back again, and again, and again... and he's still here, appearing one last time before the election. Kucinich has met with people face to face, not just coming to one rally accompanied by a "greener" candidate to attract the "liberal" crowds just to spew his anti-Bush, "I'm a better Bush" campaign jargon. Kucinich has sat and spoken with the people, opened the minds of those who feel there are no quality candidates out there, who feel it's useless to vote since both candidates are the same. Dennis Kucinich has activated a spirit of those who want a truly better America for all, not just for those who can buy his time and values.
For John Kerry to come into town one day before the primary election is a slap in the face to this state. A state which is considered a swing state come November. Sorry Mr. Kerry, but you've said nothing which will awaken anyone who has already lost interest in your special interests. Perhaps we cannot change the ballot in November (Ralph Nader in '04!) but right now you are not the Democratic candidate that Oregon has chosen.

Vote Kucinich tomorrow, May 18th

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i completely agree 17.May.2004 22:10

go dennis

i totally agree with this statement. john kerry insults every oregonian by coming here on the last day of a mail-in ballot election. i believe he has made an enormous tactical error here (to add to a growing string of them). i expect that dennis kucinich is going to get quite a few votes.

Poppy Cock 18.May.2004 11:28

Mr. Smith

Nah....vote Kerry....make Bush a one-termer like his daddy.

Kucinich in the primaries 18.May.2004 13:52

Crucified Ego

I've had a few discussions about this. We all know we can't have another 4 years of bush. But, I have to vote my consience, at least in the primaries, and vote for kucinich. When the november election comes around, I'll probably vote for Kerry. This is our time to make a stand, and tell kerry that if he wants our vote, then he needs to listen to us and represent our views. Otherwise, Mickey Mouse is going to be getting a LOT of write-in votes.