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Most Important Movie Ever Made: The Day After Tomorrow

This movie is monumentous and the problem needs to be addressed TODAY! But we'll have to wait until May 28th for the movie to come out. I beseach you to go to your theater then and as much as you can after and hold signs and pass out flyers for this to reduce this destructive force.

Moveon.org Leafleting at Global Warming Movie
Monday, 17 May 2004
by Michael T. Neuman
Email:  mtneuman@juno.com

Summary: An opportunity presents itself. The movie industry's latest
disaster film "The Day After Tomorrow" presents an educational
opportunity Moveon.org wants you to see. It's time to move fast on reducing the global warming threat.

On Memorial Day weekend, the movie industry is releasing a summer
blockbuster which shows what can happen when the forces of nature take
control as a result of humans altering the climate. The movie is fictional,
yet it is said to contain enough elements of reality to make the movie
somewhat believable.

It's possible that many members of the audience who go to see "The Day
After Tomorrow" movie, starting on May 28th, will be asking themselves,
as they exit the movie, "could this really happen?". It's also possible
they could pass off the movie as a great fictional thriller and leave
it at that.

The latter is what President George W. Bush hopes people who take in
the movie will do. After all, he was the one who decided to yank the U.S.
out of the only international process to reduce the world's amount of
greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. He'd probably rather
see you stay home and watch NASCAR races on TV than see The Day After
Tomorrow. So would his friends in the fossil fuel industries, and the
CEOs of other corporations heavily dependent on continued burning of oil,
coal and natural gas to keep their profits up. Heaven knows, we don't
want to risk hurting corporate profits when only human and other animal
lives are at stake!

Moveon.org is one organization who would rather see you go to the
movies come Memorial Day weekend. They're asking all their members to help
movie goers out by distributing informational flyers that address some
of the important questions the movie raises. All people need to do to
help out is to distribute Moveon.org's informational flyers before and
after the movie gets over. Simple to do enough.

The Day After Tomorrow movie has a potential to be one of the most
important movies ever made. The opportunity presents itself now, and only
comes once. This is no time for anyone to be timid. We've got a job to

Just as in preserving the climate, it's important not to allow this
opportunity to slip by. When a crisis is brewing, it's important to be
decisive and act fast. We all know that.

Moveon.org's flyer counters some of the propaganda the oil, coal,
natural gas and other industries are evidentally planning to put out on the

Moveon.org's letter to their members follows, including a link to their
web site where you can become a member and help photo copy the flyer
for public distribution. See you at the movie!

Dear MoveOn member,
On Memorial Day weekend, Hollywood is releasing a summer blockbuster
movie that's making the Bush administration very nervous. In fact, they'd
rather you didn't see it at all.

Why? Because it's a disaster movie about global warming.

While "The Day After Tomorrow" is more science fiction than science
fact, everyone will be talking about it -- and asking "Could it really
happen?" This is an unprecedented opportunity to talk to millions of
Americans about the real dangers of global warming and expose President
Bush's foot dragging on the issue.

It's also a fun movie to see with friends over the holiday weekend.

So here's the plan: On Memorial Day weekend, grab a few friends and go
see "The Day After Tomorrow" -- the movie the White House doesn't want
you to see. At the theater, meet up with other MoveOn members to give
out flyers that explain, in everyday language, what causes global
warming, how Bush's environmental policies could lead us into a real life
climate crisis, and what we can do together to meet this challenge.

Join in today at:

Please also sign our petition calling on Bush and Congress to prevent a
climate crisis, at:

Global Warming...Coming Soon to a World Near You. Below is a link of a previous post that has a list of Portland movie theaters.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/04/287143.shtml

Just another Hollywood flick 17.May.2004 15:19


It puzzles me why people on this site are so eager to promote this movie. Yes, global warming is an issue, but let's not pretend the movie is going to be an accurate portrayal. I suppose it could serve as mindless propoganda at best. This is just another Hollywood disaster movie, like Twister and Armageddon.

In addition, I think it's funny that anti-corporate, leftist indymedia users are so quick to promote this when the box office money is going straight into the coffers of our friends at FOX. Free advertising!

really? 17.May.2004 15:44


"It puzzles me why people on this site are so eager to promote this movie"

This is the first I've heard of it.

"I think it's funny that anti-corporate, leftist indymedia users are so quick to promote this"

I think its funny that people make conclusions about who is posting what information. Who's to say this wasn't posted by a PR firm hired by any number of corporations involved with the film?

"I suppose it could serve as mindless propoganda at best"

I'd say at best it can open up a discussion about climate change, its causes and repercussions, and the actions people can take to address the issues. Isn't that what people would like? Which is not to say that will happen but there is nothing to lose by attempting it.

"when the box office money is going straight into the coffers of our friends at FOX"

Agreed, what's the point in rushing to see this? Any movie costing more than $3 in portland is a rip-off.

one more thing 17.May.2004 15:45


"Most Important Movie Ever Made" is sheer hyperbole and only hurts the message (making me think it really is from a PR firm).

Some of it can (will) happen, some of it can't 17.May.2004 15:50

green bee

Of course, the poster said we should see the film, NOT that we should pay to see it... ;)

"Androgyne001" - "people on this site"?!? 17.May.2004 15:56


just because some author calling themselves "Greenhouse Gas Generator" decides to repost a MoveOn press release (also re-spammed at Madison Indymedia) about what MoveOn calls the "Most Important Movie Ever Made",

doesn't mean it represents "people on this site".

nor are users and readers of Indymedia "leftists".

as far as other movies deserving of wider attention than this one, here are two:
1. Michael Moore's upcoming "Fahrenheit 9/11"  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/05/288582.shtml
2. "The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream"  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/05/288552.shtml

MoveOn's press release and strategy as reproduced above seems driven by pro-Democrat, "anybody but Bush" rhetoric, which is certainly not representative of Indymedia users or readers.

oh, and to "reader" - here is the original 14.Mar.2004 article - reposted by YOURS TRULY from The Guardian - which was the first appearance/notice to Portland Indymedia readers of this film (with attention clearly called to Rupert Murdoch's ownership):

Fox sucks 17.May.2004 16:04

Greenhouse Gas Generator

I honestly believe this movie can cause debate about this issue. And it's importnat. A lot more important than the latest war in a long line of them. And you don't have to see it. We should have global protests about this which is affecting and will affect a lot more people than the Iraq War. Just get people who are and other of those moviegoers/consumers/voters/greenhouse gas generators to take the issue of global warming seriously. Please use this opportunity. Fox sucks of course. But they did this one thing that could be good. We need to use popular culture when we can. There are so few opportunities seeing as its so controlled.

accurate science and movies don't have to be mutually exclusive... 17.May.2004 16:39

this thing here

i'm glad that there is a summer blockbuster about sudden climate change. if anything, when (not if) sudden climate change acutally happens here on this earth, it will be interesting to look back at such a movie.

however, i do not have my hopes up at all that the science will be correct. and therefore, i think the movie will become a joke, and all those who refuse to believe in global warming and the coming of a new ice age will have merely to point and laugh at this movie to make their arguments. "ha! are you kidding me! that was some stupid movie!"

from what i have heard about this movie, the sudden in sudden climate change happens way too fast. big storms, then tidal waves, then the rising ocean floods nyc, then somehow, suddenly nyc is buried under glaciers, all at the same time, all in a "fast-paced", "exciting" plot. BULLSHIT. people living in new york city are NOT going to wake up one moring and find to their surprise the city flooded, and then wake up the next morning and find the city under glacial ice. BULLSHIT.

BUT... that WILL happen, eventually over time. and people living in new york or seattle or portland or where ever are gonna KNOW about it when it does. there's gonna be some big big warnings that will be kind of hard to miss, or dispute. in other words, there's no way that it will be a surprise one morning when people wake up. the question is, if the warning is too alarmist and too hyped, then is it not like crying wolf?

by way of comparison, though not about climate change, i believe the spielberg film "AI" is much more realistic in it's portrayal of climate change and the time scale that change occurs on. yes, nyc is flooded in the movie, but thousands of years go by before nyc is buried under glaciers.

it boggles my mind why truth and science must be perverted for a movie, when instead, there could be an exciting movie, AND accurate science.

SUV commercial? 17.May.2004 21:58


Could this be a well concealed giant ad for SUVs to get through the glaciers?

Short Preview Was on Network TV 18.May.2004 15:35

Curious George

Some channel showed a 1/2 hour preview of the movie about a week ago - probably 12/FOX. I didn't even realize what it was until they segued into a lot of frozen (literally) images at the end of the clip and showed the name of the movie. Anyway, for you SUV haters out there, one of the sequences showed a guy and his daughter in their truck being sucked into a big ol' sand pit. It didn't look liquid enough to be quicksand . . . I don't know what it was. Dad pushes the daughter out the window and then goes under with the truck. It doesn't look good for Pop, as debris rushes into the window and the metal groans. But hey, this is an American movie where there must be a happy ending and somehow Dad's hand appears above the surface and he is pulled to safety by his hysterical teen. The SUV goes down . . . If it were a French flic, Dad would be stuck underground suffocated in sand and the daughter would be forced to fall back on her own resources and innovation. That would probably be more interesting. There is also apparently an annoying subplot involving Dennis Quaid trying to connect with his son. The New York ice age stills look awesome, but "this thing here" is right -- it's no more like real life than Disney's "The Living Desert" where they used time lapse photography to speed up images of blooming plants.

it'll be fun for 30 sec., but mostly cheesy like Harryhausen claymation 18.May.2004 17:49

movie buff

it's just a goofball movie with bad special effects for 12-year-old minds to gaga.

personally i think all the CGI supereffects blockbuster images are just as bad as the 1970s (if not worse):

anybody remember Irwin Allen? Ray Harryhausen?






CLASH OF THE TITANS (yeah, 1981)

the new CGI stuff is not only unconvincing, but it's harder on your eyes - there's a 'choppiness', harshness and jaggedness to the in-motion images that actually induces eyestrain.

i just wanna see stuff get trashed ;-)

Killer Bees & Killer "B" 18.May.2004 19:23

Curious George

Let's not forget Allen's "The Deadly Bees" . . . a new (or I guess, now, "old") low in disaster flicks, exploiting the predicted invasion of Africanized killer bees northward from Texas.

Strange how times change - now we have a deadly Dubya "B" from Texas infesting Washington DC, fostering a "hive mentality", buzzing our major cities for fundraising and photo ops, and sending the workers overseas to attack. Much scarier than plain old killer bees.

Let's roll! 18.May.2004 22:09

Sky Watcher

I know this is going to be a stretch for many of you, but sit with this for a bit: While all the chaos of recent years has been unfolding, massive covert geoengineering weather modification programs have been going on over the entire United States and all other Nato countries. Although this has been happening right in front of our very eyes, they have conditioned us not to notice and to discount those who are exposing it. Yes, I am referring to the Aerosol Chemical Spray Operation, aka "Chemtrails". So many people are finally waking up to what is going on in our skies that they are not able to keep a lid on it any more. It is possible that they are conditioning the public to accept this is an emergency situation, so that when the truth comes out people will think it is for our own good. Please please withhold judgement and read the articles on the links provided below. Consider that this program has been going on since 1998, and we are just now realizing it is happening. Though the govt officially denies the Chemtrail Operations are happening and is constantly monitering indymedia and other media to disinfo and confuse the innocent public, they know they will not be able to contain it for very much longer. Please read the links, ponder what you find, and consider these words. I look forward to hearing your replies and responses. Just for the record, of all the Indymedia sites in the U.S., it appears that Portland is surely one of the most active and aware. Now you are being exposed to something new, so take it slow and remember to breath. Here we go:






 link to www.google.com





And this is just the beginning. I realize this is allot of information, but it is essential that you understand the context of what is happening here. The debunkers can skip it this time, as there is far far too much evidence here to blow off with some deragatory cynical disinformation. This needs to get out now. There is no oversite of this operation. They could be spraying all kinds of crap frankly, and weather modification might only be one aspect of this. The fact that they deny it is happening when it is obviously happening all over the United States is very sinister to say the least. The chances are overwhelming that Portland is being sprayed continuously, as is the rest of the of the United States. They are often spraying at night while we sleep, and as communities awaken to what is happening and word gets out, they try to hide it more and more. Watch your skies. Educate yourself on what the difference between a normal jet contrail and a chemtrail is. Remember that this is a massive covert operation, and they are terrified of the general public finding out. Can you imagine the outrage, the law suits, the outcry when American's find out that they have been breathing aerosolized heavy meatal particulates such as aluminum oxide and barium stearate, microfibers, and who knows what else for over half a decade? Since 1998 they gradually increased it so people would get accustomed to seeing the trails, and not noticing that their skies are not crystal clear blue anymore, but a washed out haze.

Tag, your it. Don't freak out, don't go into denial, and there is no need for too much conjecture or conspiracy theories here. The documentation is enough. The evidence is overwhelming. We are being sprayed with chemicals without our consent, there is no oversite and they deny it is happening. Activism is not always sexy. It is not fun to be the bringer of bad news, but it is essential that people wake up now. It is up to you to educate and spread the word fast.


This is an illegal military operation. It's about time you knew the truth. Now we can do something about it.

Blessing and love to the warriors of light. Be at peace within, and keep your immune system strong.

Let's Roll!

Sky Watcher

I'm not a Corprocrat 19.May.2004 10:46

Greenhouse Gas Generator

MoveOn.org loves Democrats, not me. I love the Green Party. They are one of the major organizations spearheading a campaign to increase awareness of this movie and use it to make people see the real implications of the movie. They want to use it to get suppot for the Climate Stewardship Act which is far less than the goal of the Kyoto Protocol which is ridicously under the goal we need to have the necessary impact to make the necessary reductions of the devastating effects that this will have in time. Scientists say that we have until 2033 I think I heard; then, it won't matter what we do. We need to at least reduce anthropogenic greenhouse emissions by 60-80% by then. Even Tony Blair says we need to do far more than Kyoto. Fahrenheit 9-11 is important, but again it only focuses on Bush. That seems to be a Democrat, Anybody-But-Bush movie to me too. When he's just a symptom. Is Disney so bad because they won't show his movie, or is it the fact that they use sweatshops to make all the crap they sell? Hmmmm. The oil depletion movie looks important and that should be seen. This post was not written by some MoveOn.org person. The person from Madison wrote it. This movie is not realistic. (There are some scientists who have this theory that it could create the ice age but most don't believe that.) The cause stated in the movie is though. The collapse of the Gulf Stream is possible and could cause a whole lot of suffering and making a lot of areas colder, wars, mass migrations and all the rest. Even without that global warming is estimated to cause 150 million refugees and 1 million extinct species by 2050. The movie states that the global warming in their world is caused by greenhouse gases. Sorry is I appear smart-allecky in this post. No hard feelings. I want to make a difference. These people are already seeing the movie anyway, but I want to help it cause debate that isn't yet another human drama of injustice, but affects the Earth and our relationship and attitude towards which I believe is the corew from which all other things spring.

Why I'm a Greenhouse Gas Generator 19.May.2004 11:51

Greenhouse Gas Generator

I am an American. Americans contribute more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere per capita than any other country. I am disproportionately responsible for something that will affect the whole world. Just by driving, consuming food from far away, getting food with a lot of packaging, and all that other stuff that it's unfortunately hard to avoid living in this society. I am making changes in my life, but I still owe it to the world to reduce this rich country's greenhouse gas emissions. Because if we don't, even after we hopefully eliminate all the other injustices that America subjects the world to, we will still have this long standing injustice continuing to plague the rest of the people of the world and our children. We need much more funding for a new public transportation that will reduce personal vehicle and airplane travel, transition to renewable energy and fuel and energy efficiency, sustainable agricultural practices, more localized economies, less meat consumption, carbon taxes, significant reduction in deforestation and transition to tree-free paper, etc. I know what I've done to contribute to global warming, and I want to make up for it as much as I can. Everyone should want to do that.