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Stupidity coming to Portland!

Hilarious film about Bush's Stupidity opens in Portland this Friday at the Clinton Street Theater.
Stupidity, a serious examination of the issue of human stupidity, turns out to be a hilarious hit feature doc. The film opens this Friday at the Portland and plays for a week. Part of the film centers on President Bush's stupidity. The San Francisco Chronicle called Stupidity "achingly funny." http://www.clintonsttheater.com/
Stupidity Rules! 17.May.2004 14:35

Roy Hobbs

I saw this film in S.F. I put it on the top ten list of all time!!!!!!

Go and see this movie!

Roy Hobbs
The Natural

Funny! 17.May.2004 15:20



Trailer for Stupidity, The Documentary 17.May.2004 17:00