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You Be the Judge!!!

Not much discussion here of the judicial choices for tommorrow's ballot. This is where a local vote really could make a difference.
There are several judicial positions up for grabs tommorrow. For all unapposed incumbents, I would like to recommend 'write-ins' of Stu Sugarman or Alan Graf. This is to include other legal positions, such as State Attorney General, and in particular, Multnomah County District Attorney.

Now back to a more realistic analysis. There are several important contested judgeships up for grabs in Oregon. Putting judges in place that are committed to upholding the law and are dedicated to fairness, is a real and present way that we can help insure fairness in an otherwise out of control system.

It is very difficult to make determinations about judges based on their statements provided in the voters pamphlets. A number of State Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals judgeships will be decided tommorrow and I would like to wage a last minute drive to consolidate the progressive/radical/non-fascist vote around the best candidates.

I am leaning towards the incumbents Rives Kistler and William Riggs for State Supreme Court positions 4 and 7, respectively. However, I am leaning towards challenger Phil Brockett for Court of appeals Position 7.

If anyone has any experience with any of these judges, and can offer an opinion on their sense of fairness, I would really appretiate it. The judicial branch has served to spank the drive towards fascism on many occasions now, and I think that it deserves some attention. It is not very glamerous, so a few votes in a race with a low turnout could really make a difference.

To those out there using the legal system to promote justice, such as Stu and Alan, I salute you! You are too often the unsung heros.