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No news about Kerry/Dean visit on May 17?

Is it weird that Oregonlive.com has *no* mention of Kerry's visit today (as of 10am), and that portland.indymedia.org doesn't have it on the calendar, either? Whether you support Kerry or not, it seems like the news about his visit is being suppressed.
When Bush, Cheney or Ashcroft come to visit, there's page one news about it. And of course, FoxNews Portland's website has the tagline "Kerry targets Portland", as if he's here to shoot at us.
I Suspect... 17.May.2004 10:40


...that nobody gives a shit about these two useless clowns. With Bush, more people have a clear position about him. They either dislike him and would like to see him take his next vacation at the Hague, or they are drooling blabberwobs wearing unus necklaces, and bowing to their Fuhrer.

In contrast, Dean is a walking muscle spasm, and Kerry is a has-been war criminal and steadfast Bushit supporter, who makes Al Gore look animated in comparison. Not a formula to get very exited about, unless your last name is Lieberman.

your site 17.May.2004 11:08

your news

"portland.indymedia.org doesn't have it on the calendar, either"

Maybe you should add it.

Who the fuck cares about Kerry 17.May.2004 15:18

bored of political drones

I'm pretty sure it's not featured because it's non-news. Who cares if the the skull and boner is in town. Any drone but Bush right? Idiots.

WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT pResidential Candidates 17.May.2004 15:33


if sitting officeholders of the illegitimate regime are in town, i'm there.

if you want to hold a demonstration at Wyden or Smith's offices, i'm there.

otherwise, take your bigoted [DEFINITION: concrete mind] "Two-Party Politics" and shove it up your ass.

(and if Kerry passed through this town WITHOUT ANY NOTICE WHATSOEVER, it'd be just fine by me.)