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Neighborhood board election next forum in battle vs. Starbucks & other corporate invaders

Any HAND member - that is, a resident or business owner or property owner - can vote for the HAND board. This election promises to be interesting and reflects the changes that are happening within HAND, e.g., Starbucks, New Seasons, the DivisionVision work, etc. (HAND = Hosford Abernathy Neighborhood. Its boundaries are the River to 26th-ish, and Hawthorne to Powell.)

Some of the candidates for the board have become active in the neighborhood during the battles against Starbucks, New Seasons, and the Nite Lite Lounge, all of which have been documented here on Portland IMC. Rumour has it that pro-Starbucks people from Ladd's Addition might run people to keep the activists off the board. Rumour also has it that some neighborhood liberals find some of the new candidates too "radical" and are afraid of what will happen if they're elected.

Neighborhood elections are not often exciting or contentious, but this one has the potential to be!

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The official meeting announcement:

This is to announce the HAND Board Meeting, Tuesday May 18th at 7PM at St. Philip Neri Chruch at 17th & Division.

Note that this will be our May General Meeting, which means that new board members will be elected, and all HAND residents will be eligible to vote. It is very likely that seats for the board will be contested this year for the first time in a long while, so your vote will count! Please pass this notice on to your neighbors.


1. Short presentation on what HAND is, what we do, and how people can get involved (include GNAs and Liquor Licenses). Also an explanation of the May General Meeting (15 mins)
2. Elections. Each candidate to introduce themselves for 1-2 minutes, followed by explanation of voting procedure and preparation of ballots. Actual voting to follow (1 hr)
3. Presentations:
Brian Rohter will present update on New Seasons (15 mins)
Mini-presentation on the status of the "Loop Group" who are studying options for I-5 (10 mins)
Linda Dobson from BES will discuss bioswale projects (10 mins)
4. Election results

The HAND Board meets the third Tuesday of every month at St Philip Neri Church at 17th & Division, in the administrative building on the west end of the campus. HAND Board meetings are open to the public, and everyone is welcome.

here here 17.May.2004 01:20


I'm out of the neigborhood and can't vote, but if I could I would vote for someone seriously determined to begin work on implementing protection against chain store destruction of indigenous neighborhood character.

I'll be there... 17.May.2004 10:30

working class

and so will my neighbors!

Could we get a list of the "radical" candidates?

some of the candidates 17.May.2004 11:01

little bird

here are some of the new folks running for the HAND board. some would self-describe as "radicals"; some might not. sorry i don't know all the last names. if you come to the election, everyone'll be giving a minute or two about themselves, so it should be obvious who's who at that point.

Rich Cascio, Cascadia Rising! Infoshop
Alex Harvill, Redwing Coffee
Sole, Red & Black
spArk, People's Co-op
Ryan --, City Repair
S. Frances --, resident

+a couple-three others, possibly.

how do they know if you are a HAND resident? 17.May.2004 14:50


do they ask for proof of address?
I neverreceived anything in the mail about this election & I live right on SE 20.
What the dilly-O?
Thanks for the info.