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9.11 investigation

Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines Flight 11

As everyone knows, on Sept 11 2001, 5 Arabs allegedly hijacked American Airlines flight 11 and crashed it into the Nth Tower of the World Trade Centre at 8.46 A.M. It was part of a crime which killed approximately 3000 people.

Any crime of this magnitude, is - or should be - subject to rigourous examination by investigative and law enforcement authorities, such as the FBI. In any crime involving the illegal use of a plane, it is obvious that one of the first investigative steps taken by such authorities is to find out who was on the plane.

This is not a difficult thing to do. Airlines keep well organized records of everybody on any particular flight. The apparent ID of anyone on that flight - regardless of whether they used a true or false ID - should be immediately available to authorities...

It is therefore incumbent upon any serious investigator to properly examine such passenger lists and ensure that they match with other alleged facts we have been given, and with the processes by which one would expect the information to have been sourced.

A commenter adds:
The Kennedy assassination had several lingering question marks, but 9-11 has about 3,000 question marks. Why is there practically no evidence of the planes? If there were planes, why did NORAD stand down when the planes went off course? Why did the hijackers leave their luggage and passports behind so that authorities would find them? Why did the government ignore intelligence warnings? Why are the Bush people so afraid to investigate anything? Why did Bush sit with children at an elementary school on 9-11 after a month-long vacation in Texas? Why did WTC 7 implode? For that matter, why did WTC 1 & 2 implode?

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