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Powell Ready To Accept Theocracy in Iraq

US secretary of state Gen. Colin Powell yesterday indicated that the USA "will have to accept" a theocratic leadership in Iraq if the elections lead to such a situation, while stressing that the American troops will stay for a "considerable period."
Powell ready to accept theocracy in Iraq


Washington, May 16. In what could be a major policy reversal, US secretary of state Gen. Colin Powell yesterday indicated that the USA "will have to accept" a theocratic leadership in Iraq if the elections lead to such a situation, while stressing that the American troops will stay for a "considerable period."

In separate television appearances, Gen. Powell, who is attending the World Economic Forum in Jordan, also refused to comment on reports that defence secratary Mr Donald Rumsfeld had okayed the Abu Graibh prison abuses, but insisted there should be a "greater sense of outrage in the Arab world" on the murder of American citizen Nicholas Berg.

Gen. Powell said: "We will have to accept what the Iraqi people decide upon." In comments broadcast today in CBS's Meet the Press programme, Gen. Powell also cautioned that any future Iraqi government will have to respect basic human rights.

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Powell Aide Pushes Camera Aside On "Meet The Press" 16.May.2004 15:44


BUZZFLASH REPORT Sunday May 16, 2004 at 3:44:23 PM

Colin Powell Aide Tries to Censor Tim Russert Interview on "Meet the Press" By Pushing Camera Away

May 17, 2004

BuzzFlash Note: Several readers wrote us and said that they saw this bizarre attempt at Soviet-Style censorship on "Meet the Press," courtesy of a Colin Powell staff member.

Did you guys see what just happened on Meet the Press?

On the West Coast rebroadcast, Russert showed an unedited tape of his interview with Colin Powell, who was in the Middle East, that was interrupted by a member of Powell's staff.

Russert's last question was about the false info in Powell's speech to the UN in Feb 2003 - but before Powell could answer someone pushed the camera off Powell. With the camera pointing at the ocean, Powell was heard saying off camera, "Get out of the way, Emily." On the split screen, Russert says, "This is highly inappropriate, Mr. Secretary." There's more off-camera muffled scuffling, then the camera moves back to Powell and he answers the question (sort of).

Ater the tape, Russert thanks Powell in absentia for over-ruling "his press aide" and answering the question.

- Jon

BuzzFlash Note: Even Russert objected:

Russert: I'm right here, Mr. Secretary. I would hope they would put you back on camera. I don't know who did that.

Powell: We really...

Russert: I think that was one of your staff, Mr. Secretary. I don't think that's appropriate.

Powell: Emily, get out of the way.

Emily: OK.

Powell: Bring the camera back, please. I think we're back on, Tim. Go ahead with your last question.

See [LINK  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4992558/]


Policy reversal, yet entirely appropriate 16.May.2004 18:28


A theocracy in Iraq? And after all those years of supporting Saddam just so Iraq WOULDN'T become a theocratic state? Ah well, I guess maybe they're counting on the construction of fourteen new military bases and plans for a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq to counter the effect of theocratic rule.

On the other hand, why shouldn't the Bush administration welcome the idea of a theocracy for Iraq? They're trying hard enough to establish one right here at home.

Redux 17.May.2004 05:37


This was the plan. First show the Iraqis couldn't handle the chaos without an extremist religious leader to put down the iron fist for the globalists.

This is how they did the fall of the Shah of Iran, they brought in their extremist-in-waiting from Paris. Remember him? Bush senior engineered this to bring down the "wimp" Carter. Remember the oil shortages? Remember the election cycle ABC anybody but Carter?

Carter wasn't some great guy but he did tell the oil corporations that they were going to pay a windfall profits tax for goughing the American people during the manufactured oil shortage.
Carter also started a Federal program to end dependency on foreign oil by tax credits and research monies for alternative fuels.

So back to the Iranian hostage crisis and the Ayatolla, all old Bush strategy, pulled out of his hat, among other old tricks to rule over the ignorant.

History is always a good teacher hence no more history taught in school and only revisionist history on the electronic teacher.

nothing wrong with a theocracy 17.May.2004 14:44


There's a theocracy in Saudi Arabia and and it is a great colony. So why not in Iraq. According to Herr Pwell the Iraqis can have any government they like as long as the submit before Herr Bushenstein, let his cronies loot their oil and let the empire have its bases there.

The question is not of democracy or theocracy. The question is one of sovreignity and freedom.