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Over a million people march on the oceanfront Malecon boulevard in front of the U.S. mission building, to protest againt new U.S. policies changes toward Havana, Cuba Friday May 14, 2004. Cuban President Fidel Castro led a vast march past the U.S. diplomatic mission to denounce President Bush's moves to tighten the 44-year-old embargo of the communist state.

Letter from medical student in Havana: I wanted to send this email to all so that you can be aware of what is going on. Some may already know some of this, but things here are getting a little hectic and we will wait and see how everything turns out. The government here thinks that Bush will try to attack this country in order to win the election. The news which we are getting here is that Bush is trying to appease the Cubans in Miami and also because of the upincoming elections and all of the problems which he is presently receiving regarding the war in Iraq, the economy, etc. He has taken measures in order to put even more economic pressure on this country. As a result, this government is also taking measures to counteract this, meaning that it is preparing itself for a possible attack. Also, measures were taken where prices on all products will be raised or no longer sold so that they can be stored in reserves and distributed during a possible attack or war. All of this began on Monday night and so there is alot of speculation and uncertainty about everything. Yesterday I was able to buy a few necesities at a store and I can tell you that it was completely chaotic. Also within 4 hours, the store sold out of all of its products, because people wanted to have emergency items. [ Read More ]