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The Secret Weapon That Will Democratize the World

The Secret Weapon That Will Democratize the World
The Secret Weapon That Will Democratize the World

By Lloyd Hart

Bush and his gang of fascists are completely out to lunch using war, genocide, torture and sexual humiliation as the tools of spreading democracy around the world. All that does is breed resentment, backlash, violent uprising and the overthrow of the Western style resource grabbing elitist controlled democracy we all know and love. It's ironic that the very weapon that could democratize the most right-wing fundamentalist mindset is right under our noses or should say in our pants. The other kicker is, next to nearly 800 American lives lost, thousands and thousands of Afghans and Iraqis dead, and at cost of nearly $200 billion this weapons system is dirt cheap. What am I talking about is the very weapon that has kept America from the brink of the Christian imperialist inspired nuclear Holocaust producing self-fulfilling prophecy the US military came up with in the twentieth Century. Yes folks, I'm talking about porn.

Yes porn, the very American industry that financed the success of the VHS tape and the personal video camera has now succeeded in financing the construction of the global broadband Internet revolution. I'm talking broadband porn baby. And I'm not just talking about porn for men, I'm talking about porn for everyone. Porn for women, porn for lesbians, porn for gay men, cross dressers, even tranies. A far more democratic distribution of porn where men are actually getting women off, or men are getting men off, or women are getting women off. There is nothing more democratic than a satisfied woman let me tell you.

Broadband Internet porn is already well on the way to saving America from it self and fundamentalist Christianity but can you imagine what it would do for all those Muslims who have lost their way hating Christian fundamentalist America. Pretty soon you would hear in the streets of the Muslim world. "HEY, Abdul are you coming to the Madras? We are starting another jihad against America." "No Mohammad, I'm going home to surf the monkey, I mean net!"

Can you imagine the economic boom for American porn industry if we could get the Arab oil states hooked on broadband porn. Once hooked we could threaten to cut them off if they didn't keep the price of oil down. Compared to the present occupation of Iraq the cost of controlling the price oil would be pennies on the dollar.

It does however make sense that a man like George Bush who hasn't had an erection in years unless he is playing slave master to Conde with a bottle of Viagra in his system that he would use sexual humiliation on his prisoners.

If you think about it this could be why Alan Greenspan purposefully popped the tech bubble in the spring of 2000 by ratcheting up the short-term interest rates and then saying disparaging remarks about the new economy. The on-line porn revolution was standing in the way of continued right wing Christian fundamentalist military control and dominance of the global economy.

After all everyone knows that when large segments of the greater society are not experiencing orgasm on a regular basis violence ensues, spouses start nagging and spouses get in bar fights. I ask you, isn't sexual frustration at the very basis and source of war. Let's face it, Freud was right. Wilhelm Reich one of Freud's students later concluded that the sure cure to mental illness and the violence that arises from it was gratification of the genitals. Its an interesting note that in 1957 the FBI raided Wilhelm Reich's home. Confiscated all of his writings from the bookshelves across America ( imparticularly his book entitled "Orgasm") initiating the first official American Book burning. J. Edgar locked Wilhelm up in prison where he later died of TB. Now thats sexual frustration. Thats what happens when somebody stays in the closet to long.

You know what I do? After I read the newspaper or watch Peter Jennings tap dance to his master's song and become all sexually frustrated from all the bad news and Peter Jennings? I run to my computer, pull up my porn account and spank the monkey until I'm sane again.

All you right wing freaks and trailer trash out there you should write this down just so that you get it right. If the corporate media fucks with your head and you find yourself leading naked prisoners around a jail on a leash, find yourself a computor terminal and jerk off to your favorite on-line porn and everything will be hunky dory, A OK again. Your spouse, family nation and the world will be alot safer for it.

Filmed prostitution does not liberate men, women or children 21.May.2004 10:22


And where do you think Americans learned that it can be oodles of fun to sexually humiliate other people to prove their inferiority if not through pornography? US military forces are among the largest consumers of pornstitution/prostitution and all those hours of streaming pussy ramming and face fucking have not seemed to stop them from raping their fellow servicewomen in greater numbers than in the general population. Also, as the hundreds of thousands of 'comfort women' enslaved in prostitution around US military bases could tell you if they weren't held in captivity to be raped by an endless stream of American soldiers, men pay extra money to pimps for porn video souvenirs of their prostitution 'entertainment'.

In a "free Iraq" the introduction of pornography since the US invasion in 2003 has not led to less rapes and sexual torture but more. Iraqi men now enslave and rape fast-increasing numbers of girls whose bodies they 'rent' to other men for 15 miunutes a pop. More women than before Saddam and the US introduction of pornography are being kidnapped and made into sexual slaves, and everywhere the US military goes and brings their sexist "right" to pornstitution/prostitution with them it's the same:


"Western troops, policemen, and civilians are largely to blame for the rapid growth of the sex slavery industry in Kosovo over the past five years, a mushrooming trade in which hundreds of women, many of them under-age girls, are tortured, raped, abused and then criminalised, Amnesty International said yesterday.

In a report on the rapid growth of sex-trafficking and forced prostitution rackets since Nato troops and UN administrators took over the Balkan province in 1999, Amnesty said Nato soldiers, UN police, and western aid workers operated with near impunity in exploiting the victims of the sex traffickers.

As a result of the influx of thousands of Nato-led peacekeepers, "Kosovo soon became a major destination country for women trafficked into forced prostitution. A small-scale local market for prostitution was transformed into a large-scale industry based on trafficking, predominantly run by criminal networks."

The international presence in Kosovo continues to generate 80% of the income for the pimps, brothel-owners, and mafiosi who abduct local girls or traffic women mainly from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and Russia to Kosovo via Serbia, the report said, although the international "client base" for the sex trade has fallen to 20% last year from 80% four years ago.

Up to 2,000 women are estimated to have been coerced into sex slavery in Kosovo, which had seen "an unprecedented escalation in trafficking" in recent years. The number of premises in Kosovo listed by a special UN police unit as being involved in the rackets has swollen from 18 in 1999 to 200 this year.

A few weeks ago the UN's department of peacekeeping in New York acknowledged that "peacekeepers have come to be seen as part of the problem in trafficking rather than the solution".

The sex slavery in Kosovo parallels similar phenomena next door in Bosnia, where the arrival of thousands of Nato peacekeepers in 1995 fuelled a thriving forced prostitution industry."

For more information on how the billion-dollar multinational corporate industry in pornstitution brings slavery, trafficking, rape, drug abuse, more child porn, unwanted pregnancies and general misery to the places where it goes, please investigate: