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CUBA PREPARES FOR POSSIBLE ATTACK! : Letter from medical student in Havana

The following note sent on Wednesday by a US student at the medical school in Havana. This is what is happening in Cuba right now, in the aftermath of the new Bush offensive.

Castro has managed to survive all these years, using various methods of counter espionage etc. So the fact that the country is mobilizing in a definate sign that there is reason for Cuba to fear of a direct US attack !!!!

It is clearly a time to mobilise not only in Cuba.
Letter from medical student in Havana

I wanted to send this email to all so that you can be aware of what is going on. Some may already know some of this, but things here are getting a little hectic and we will wait and see how everything turns out. The government here thinks that Bush will try to attack this country in order to win the election. The news which we are getting here is that Bush is trying to appease the Cubans in Miami and also because of the upincoming elections and all of the problems which he is presently receiving regarding the war in Iraq, the economy, etc. He has taken measures in order to put even more economic pressure on this country. As a result, this government is also taking measures to counteract this, meaning that it is preparing itself for a possible attack. Also, measures were taken where prices on all products will be raised or no longer sold so that they can be stored in reserves and distributed during a possible attack or war. All of this began on Monday night and so there is alot of speculation and uncertainty about everything. Yesterday I was able to buy a few necesities at a store and I can tell you that it was completely chaotic. Also within 4 hours, the store sold out of all of its products, because people wanted to have emergency items.

(This is a huge store which not only sells food, but also sells clothes and many other things.) This chaos also spread to the banks. Maybe the government here knows something about plans others don't, but one thing is certain is that life here will be somewhat unstable at least until the elections in November and depending on what happens (meaning if Bush wins) things will probably get worse. It is said here that Bush needs to scare people in order to get them to vote for him. This could mean an attack there (in the States) or in another country. Or the other possibility is that he will find bin Ladam right before the elections.

Hate to bring you the bad news but unfortunately this is the way things are at least over here.
This Requires More Research 16.May.2004 10:46

Desperado Mariposa

This story needs to be researched further. If Cuba were that easy a push over, then it would have been invaded years ago. Kennedy considered it and backed down. An invasion of Cuba would very much be an act of sheer desperation. Loss of US military personnel would be much greater in Cuba than it has been in Iraq.

nice try, gusano 16.May.2004 11:00

alma de cienfuegos

"The fish is red.....the fish is red...."

I'm not dead yet. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling pretty good. And I'm not alone. So go tell your masters that Cuba ain't going down.

Repost of email by Mercedes Soca and Dorinda 16.May.2004 11:18

kim sky

Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2004 8:23 AM
Subject: [sfcubanalliance] Re: what a demostration!

Que viva la revolucion y el pueblo valiente de Cuba!

SavethePlanet wrote:

Hola Dorinda!

The whole morning Cubans have been walking infront the U.S. office in Havana, they still are at this time, 2:14 p.m.

It is the biggest demostration I ever seen in Havana. People with small and big flags walking in blocks from different parts of the city. A million and 200 thousand persons are still marching today.

Invaders have not place in Cuba.

Cubans have not done a revolution, with all its defects, for to lose the independece again because of United State military army and its illegal president.

It is not about socialism or democracy, it is about independence, Cubans proud and honor. Iraq example is not a good one. Mr. Bush has made a big mistake, once more and it is of its people to stop an invasion to Cuba.

At this moment people defend something else than a social system. Not be wrong! Not forget this is an intelligent nation. Cubans have got the best knowledge and
spirituallity of Europe, Africa and the rest of the world, giving its own flavor to the mix. Why our nation have to be lost under the killing of bombs? Who could be the same again after bombing strikes and a brutal soldiers invasion who have given the belief that they have the right and the true?

I hope the intelligence and heart of the good people from United State will say the last word on this.

Love, Peace and Unity in the World,

Mercedes Soca

estimable amiga, the fortaleza of the cubanos is an inspiration for everyone. true, bush is trying to woo his miami gusano base, but he is in so much hot water, a finger towards cuba would be the colmo... me, i don't think he stands a chance, the news, the congress, even republicanos, and this berg thing have so many against him. he would get more defectors than troops in any move towards cuba. we are winning i believe. he will be brought down and he is desparate now yes the meaner because he thinks the john wayne tuff guy image will hide the weasle that he is. but, those in denial are waking up to these lies and are turning against him. what we peace people have said all along. the new group will have a lot on their hands to repair the damage world wide. y cuba vencera!!!!!!!!!!! un abrazo,


On stopping terrorism:

"What the world needs are not armies of soldiers sowing death and destruction, but armies of physicians, teachers and engineers bringing health, education, progress and well-being...this is the only option." -Cuban diplomat

Jorge Ferrer Rodriguez speaking at the U.N. Commission on Human Rights. 3/23/04

Altogether possible 16.May.2004 11:58


It's an open question whether or not an invasion of Cuba would help Bush win re-"election", but certainly returning Cuba to pre-1959 status has long been on the Neo-Con agenda. Coming as it does "out of the blue" and in the middle of a scandal that reaches to the top levels of the Bush administration, this new anti-Cuba offensive is very troubling. It may signal that with Bush's approval rating in free fall, the Neo-Cons (or neo-nazis) running things are fearful they will soon be out of power and unable to carry out things on the to-do-list they had programmed for a second Bush term. If this is the case, they'll have to act quickly and probably without much finesse. As foolhardy and compliant as Congress has been, they'd never approve an invasion initiative by a lame-duck president.

Desperation almost always means clumsy preparation, so look for a hasty implementation of some "off-the-shelf" black op to "justify" military action against Cuba. Perhaps something along the lines of the criminal measures spelled out in the now-declassified Operation Northwoods and Operation Mongoose documents. Or maybe an "al Qaida" link with Fidel Castro, or the discovery in Baghdad of a secret memorandum documenting the transfer of all Iraqi WMDs to Cuba for safekeeping, or a tip from a "reliable informant" that al-Zarqawi is in a Havana hospital being fitted with a new artificial leg.

Photos ... 16.May.2004 13:31

Repost by kim sky

Over a million people march on the oceanfront Malecon boulevard in front of the U.S. mission building, to protest againt new U.S. policies changes toward Havana, Cuba Friday May 14, 2004. Cuban President Fidel Castro led a vast march past the U.S. diplomatic mission to denounce President Bush's moves to tighten the 44-year-old embargo of the communist state.

(AP Photo/Juventud Rebelde, Janet Figueredo)
Cubans Protest May 14th
Cubans Protest May 14th

Cuba, si yanqui No! 16.May.2004 16:41

Senior domingo

Cuba, si. Yanqui No! Cuba si. Yanqui NO! I theenk Fidel is getting you Cubanos all excited and scared just like Boosh and his cronies is getting us gringos all scared. I don't think we got enough troops to invade Cuba. Besides, you don't have any oil in Cuba.

Be careful what you idolize 16.May.2004 17:30

a communist who isn't a fan of Castro

Be careful to idolize Cuba as a socialist paradise, becuase it isn't. It is true that many Cuban hardships are due to the embargoe, but many aren't, for example the imprisonment of political prisoners, the secret police, etc. For example, rallies are always big in Cuba partly becuase people are afraid of what would happen were they not to go to them.
I'm not saying we should invade them, of course. I'm just saying that Cuba isn't exactly something to look up to as a role model.

Selmandun us te Lerido 16.May.2004 22:58


Selmandun us te Lerido!

Mes tenildo don co mi fardo. Yanta, mes tenildo vo tel redat ques to.


Yava ses Lerides!

What undersecretary John Bolton says 17.May.2004 11:40


I recently read a State Department transcript of a Congressional hearing with John Bolton--he's the State Department undersecretary of nuclear proliferation, or something like that.

Cuba, as everyone knows, is on the State Department's list of "state sponsors of terrorism" right behind North Korea, Iran, and Syria. The "terrorism" in this case would be the "terrorism" of leftist rebel groups, like the Sandinistas and others. So its an old-fashioned notion in many ways, just like the notion that Cuba must be contained to stop the spread of communism.

But John Bolton said that Cuba is a haven for int'l terrorists, from Latin America, and SPAIN! This makes perfect sense when you consider that John Negroponte, the UN ambassador, was basically lobbying the UN to have the blame for the terror attacks in Spain put on the Basque separatist groups. From there, its only a short hop over to the idea that Cuba is a haven for Basque separatist terrorists.

US military in Haiti 17.May.2004 16:52


part of the reason for the US invasion of Haiti is greater control of the Caribe sea, including monitoring Venezualan oil exports and possible preparation for an invasion of Cuba..

Guantanomo Bay is just a short trip away from Haiti, the prisoners held there will be under closer watch if the US military is located nearby in Port-au-Prince..

GW Bush hated Castro for years, US imperialism is bent on global conquest, an elderly man with ideals still stands in their way..

source? 28.May.2004 08:50


When a letter from a "medical student" is posted, without a signature or any indication of reliability of the source, how is this information to be taken so very seriously?