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CKUT Radio: Vancouver - The Downtown Eastside

This radio documentary, explores a variety of issues directly relating to life and death in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Featuring interviews recorded in February 2004, with community organizers, which focus on a various issues, from police brutality, homelessness, indigenous self-determination, poverty, safe injection sites for drug users, the human rights of sex workers and many other issues directly relating to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, from the perspective of the neighborhoods residents.

This documentary features interviews with community organizers active in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, focusing on voices from the Anti-Poverty Committee and the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU). The Downtown Eastside is one of Canada's most impoverished and destitute urban neighborhoods, often marked as the poorest postal code in Canada. Home to an estimated 5000 injection drug users, the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, suffers from one of the worst urban epidemics of HIV / AIDS in the world.

To listen to and download the documentary on-line visit:

For more information about the Anti-Poverty Committee visit:  http://apc.resist.ca

For more information on the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users visit:  http://vandu.org

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