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Phil Busse has promised to speak out on important and complex international issues - unlike his rival in the Portland mayoral race, Jim Fracesconi, who last year voted against a proposed city council resolution that protested the Iraq war.
- A stark contrast to rival Francesconi -

As one who has worked on various international issues for 20 years, I was pleased that Phil Busse recently gave to me an unequivical committment to speak up, if elected as Portland's next mayor, on significant U.S. foreign policy issues as merited. He knows how U.S. foreign policy can indeed effect Portlanders directly - and all Americans.

Last year, City Councilman Jim Francesconi (Phil's rival in the current race for mayor) rejected a proposed City Council motion opposing the pending U.S. attack on Iraq, cowardly claiming that "foreign policy is not my job as a local politician."

There are many people in Portland who rightly saw Francesconi's vote as a monumental lack of leadership, hidden under a cloak of bureaucratic procedure, for political expediency. Does Francesconi know - or care - that Oregon has one of the highest percentages of national gaurdsmen sent to Iraq of any state in the nation, for example?

In stark contrast, Phil Busse will not hide his head between his legs and avoid matters that truly effect all of us. He will, in contrast to Francesconi, be a leader.

Through various assignments in my career, working for the US Department of State, The International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the Associated Press, the United Nations, and others, I have always thought it to be noteworthy whenever there is a local politician with the insight to realize the connection between local politics and the wider world around us all.

Phil is clearly such an enlightened candidate, and he deserves our strong support in Tuesday's mayoral election.

I have already sent in my vote for Phil Busse for Mayor, and I encourage you to do the same.

Don Lieber (Portland resident)
International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Vote Phil! 15.May.2004 21:48


Phil's website is www.meformayor.com I urge all Portland voters to check it out and if you haven't already - consider voting for Phil. Quite frankly, he kicks ass. Try to spend a few minutes in the next two days to tell someone about Phil Busse. Your city needs you!

How come 15.May.2004 22:24

I dunno

Why should we vote for Busse for mayor when the paper he is the managing editor of have endorsed Randy Leonard and John Kerry - does Phil really think he's playing with the big dogs? Why not endorse the underdogs in other races? Guess we'll see on Tuesday!!!

I was thinking of voting for Phil until last week's Mercury - it was all just over the top.

The Mercury cover and things. 18.May.2004 01:25

Jesse jesse@bandcamp.org

Um, have you asked Phil about the cover? I did, because I can't say I care much for it, but I did come to find out about a few things.

I immediately thought it was a parody. Some have said it's disdainful. I could see that on account of the black babies. Me being black, I thought it was rather funny. I saw it as a silly mockery of even a local election system that forces pandering and blanket promises to folks that you just can't make promises to. (Note our lack of vote by district, or true diversity on our city council and within our local government leaders and then show me how any mayor's gonna represent everyone.)

Come to find out from Phil, black baby dolls were the cheapest kind of dolls sold at Toys R' Us in Northeast Portland. Go figure.

I have to say it's a hard line being an admittedly biased journalist and also running for mayor. I'd say talk to Phil on that one, he's given it more thought than I have, I'm sure. Same thing with the non-underdog endorsements.

Why am I voting for Phil? Because he's the only major candidate who writes and calls you back, the only one choosing to engage the single citizen over just smiling at the many. Looking back, I owed it to you all to post my exchanges with Phil. Too often on this site, we forget that the media--us!--has a responsibility to the investigation part of the story. Posing questions and making accusations into cyberspace often ends rhetorically or suggestively and we, as media, should guard against that.