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Berg Beheading Archive, News stories leave more questions

Berg Beheading Archive
News stories leave more questions then answers.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/berg_files/index.html

lots of questions 15.May.2004 19:50


how sick are these people?
Do Iraqis have these costco type chairs in their homes?
Do Iraqis have these costco type chairs in their homes?

Not that there aren't lots of questions... 15.May.2004 20:04


it doesn't seem too improbable that mass-produced white resin chairs could be ubiquitous throughout the world.

There are EXTREMELY creepy questions surrounding this incident; I just don't think the plastic chair is one of them.

Why the hell was he there in the first place? 15.May.2004 20:20

Curious George

I agree that several things about the tape and the beheading are curious indeed. The most curious thing of all is why, when there are thousands of other places to peddle one's wares, would an independent, small business owner fly to Iraq twice with no live work prospects or firm contract offers at such a volatile time?

weirdest of all is the Moussaoui email password connection 15.May.2004 20:46

amazing coincidence

although significant, don't focus too heavily on the sketchiness of video production, which is pretty standard for a so-called "terrorist" press release video (and how many of "Osama" have been authenticated??) -

look instead at the circumstances surrounding Berg's recent disappearance, his FBI questioning, Ashcroft insisting yesterday there was no "terror" connection, how Berg "accidentally" gave his email password to a total stranger (one of Moussaoui's associates) on a bus ride in 1999, Berg's civilian body being returned to Dover AFB, etc., etc. . . .

dozens of references here:

Even if it was they same exact chair 15.May.2004 21:13

uh hu hu

You'd never in a million years be able to do anything but have a conspiracy theory about it, what a waste of time. Those chairs are everywhere. You cant even tell if they're exactly the same, because the backs are visible in neither photo.

I wonder if the ligtbulbs use the same wattage?

Why anyone would waste time on the useless chair when Zacarias Moussaoui has been POSITIVELY linked to Berg. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of people on earth have sat in a white plastic chair at some point in thier life. I've got a stack of them on my deck, who cares? Is it because they're in the middle east that you think they have no plastic white chairs? I just was looking at pictures of a chain resteraunt in Iran. It's called "Boof". GASP! A CHAIN RESERAUNT IN IRAN! They use plastic white chairs. Granted, they're a little fancier, but just because your not a westener doesn't mean you live in a hut and have no access to plastic white chairs.

Ask yourself this: How many have been questioned by the FBI because a member of Al Qaida(or whoever) used their email?

Ask yourself this: How many people have sat in a white chair?

Ask yourself this: How many people have been questioned and cleared for being associated with Al-Qaida(or whoever), and then get thier head cut off by Al-Qaida(or whoever)?

All this crap aside, if this was done on purpose as a diversion, what do you think they want to divert you from? Black Ops programs at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere? Military Intelligence guys who show up and have no name and tell the dumb MP's to call them "Mister" ? The war and interrogations haven't stopped, have they?

Come on, keep your eye on the ball.

Ask yourself: Who is Stephen Cambone?
Ask yourself: Who gained from the beheading?
Ask yourself: Who gained from torture?
Ask yourself: Who gained from 911?
Ask yourself: Who gained from war in Iraq?

Video 15.May.2004 21:21


It's very difficult to find the video. I did locate a place to view it at:  http://www.military-secrets.com/

But you must need broadband or a fast connection because the results were very disappointing and ragged with the image not moving for up to two minutes (I'm dial-up). Looks like the entire thing is supposed to be 5.37 minutes but I ran out of patience at about 3 (1/2 hour real time). Even with a bad image (and maybe because only the occasional frame was moving) the major fidgeting of the guy on the right with the white shoes was very obvious.

I assume that the Berg's buried their son quickly because of Jewish tradition and I assume no autopsy was performed (for the same reason and reasons of time), but nobody has ever said whether the head was recovered. Does anybody know?

the chair is NOT forgetable or ubiquitous 16.May.2004 09:45

come in Nick, take a seat

thousands of photos from Iraq are available.

Find me just one taken outside Abu Ghraib (where Nicholas worked) that shows an example of the chairs we see above.

good luck

No idea 17.May.2004 14:27

urban legend of sleepy hollow

No idea if the head was recovered. This article dated May 12 _says_ it was found under the body, and that the body was found hanging upside down from a bridge near Coalition HQ (compare other stories, on a bridge, near a bridge, etc.)...


If either one is true, why didn't the rest of the propaganda machine / media seize on these details immediately? Bush would have drooled on himself to have us all know those two provocactive things, and I don't know if I think we were spared because the media was trying to be sensitive...

Of course the title of that article is particularly inflammatory also, maybe they are just behaving like a tabloid?