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Reference Compilation of Nicholas Berg Articles on PDX IMC

here is a compilation of articles related to the Berg video that have been posted at Portland IMC over the past 5 days, with URL links. There are many good references placed within comments at several of these articles.

Also a new story:

Why Was Berg's (a civilian) Body Flown to Dover AFB?

"Berg's body arrived Wednesday at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.
His parents had requested permission to be at the base when the
coffin arrived, but that request was denied. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-
Pennsylvania, said Thursday that refusal came from the Department of

And Nick Berg was not even a member of the military. He was a
civilian. His burial will take place on "civilian soil," as will the
memorial service.

Maybe they needed a little time at Dover to make sure the condition
of the body fit the cover story.

JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com
Contractor Nick Berg Beheaded in Iraq

Nothing like a beheading to distract the sheeple - what are we not seeing?

Senate Passes $170 bil Corporate Tax Cut Packa. . . . WAIT!!! BEHEADING VIDEO ON THE WEB!

Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing FREEPER 'Enemies' List


i pray for nick berg and his family

link to beheading video [this and the above may have been provocateur postings]

Right Wing and Fascist Junta responsible for beheading!!!!

Beheaded man's father was targetted by right-wing hate group

Berg decapitation video declared a fraud by doctor

Berg's "coincidental" link to Moussaoui?!?

CIA Says Al-Zarqawi Beheaded Berg in Iraq

Iraqi police deny holding Berg

Just One Last Word on This Beheading

U.S. Occupation Authority Says Berg Was Arrested By Iraqi Police, Who Deny Detention

Why Is Nick Berg Wearing An Orange Prison Jump Suit?

MORE LIES: Pennsylvania State has no records of Berg's firm ! Who was Bush-wing Berg?
forgot this one: Nullifying Torturegate? The Case Nick Berg 15.May.2004 15:00