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Rose Festival Crackdown

street roots reports sweeps of homeless people in downtown and on the Waterfront
Street roots reported, in the latest issue that came out yesterday, that the Portland Police and Parks Bureau will launch a crackdown on Waterfront Park and in the downtown region concerning drug activity starting May 14th.

The police and the parks are saying that only drug dealers will be effected by these sweeps, but homeless advocates are saying people experiencing homelessness are already being targeted.

Some of the same laws that have been being used for months/years, like the Title 14, sit-lie law will be used to move people around.

The new paper also has an article on Section 8 cuts by Bush and his group of compassionate conservatives. 1 billion dollars will be cut from the affordable housing vouchers. Freaking amazing!

Check it out!
feature img 15.May.2004 15:12


this is from streetroots.org!
tree of life
tree of life

They Do This Every Year! 15.May.2004 15:19

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

This is not anything new. They do this every year prior to Rose Festival. Their goal is to exclude as many people from the parks as possible, and they target anybody. I guess they can't "exclude" people anymore, since that was recently ruled to be unconstitutional. But they most certainly will shakedown anyone they think "looks" like a problem.

whenever they say "drugs" they're really after something else 15.May.2004 15:46

keep america beautiful -- put fascists in their place

any time the establishment wants to avoid talking about its real motivations in exerting raw power -- e.g., confinement, eviction, murder, and other forms of gross violence -- it says it's all about "drugs."

cops and the bigger pigs telling them what to do love drug laws and drug wars because such tools require no input from the larger population whatsoever. no witnesses are necessary except the officers exerting power, no "victims" are necessary at all. do cops plant drugs on people? OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO. do american-funded mercenaries kill commies, farmers and unionists in latin america and call the corpses "narcoterrorists"? OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO.

drug abuse is bad. drug prohibition is worse. the "war on drugs" is among the worst ideas america ever came up with, with its roots in the same corrupt, totalitarian philosophies that made the early 20th century such fun for everybody in europe :-(

How about that rose festival 15.May.2004 16:24

Red Suspenders

What about all the tweaker carnies and dont forget all the prostitutes that come down from Tacoma to hang out at the rose festival "Trouble Center"- oops, I mean "pepsi waterfront village"

The Bloom Is Off The Rose 15.May.2004 17:34

North Portlander

We call it the "Stun Center" and haven't gone there in years. It used to be a fun, affordable place for families, but no more. The rides are obscenely overpriced, it's often muddy and littered, hawkers and gawkers abound, and fights break out. I stopped going to see the Grand Floral Parade when the Rose Festival bigwigs began selling the name of the parade and all other prominent Rose Festival events to a different giant corporate sponsor every year - and these are never local companies who are content with a discreet tag line or logo on literature . . . they insist upon having the EVENT named after them in big letters. When I was a kid all of the local Portland high schools with marching bands got to participate. It was a proud moment for parents and kids. Now most of our Portland HS bands (from those schools who can still AFFORD to have a marching band program) have been given the boot in favor of out-of-state and out-of-country marching bands. Many local businesses and organizations can't afford to compete with the mega-expensive, professionally-crafted floats. Rose Festival is now all about money and does not extend itself to include the community that produced it.

and another thing 15.May.2004 17:48


All of the people who are pushed out of their regular turf need to go somewhere else so watch for the news of Eastside neighborhoods decrying the influx of "undesireables into "their neighborhood." It is the summertime pass time for many.
I hate the effects of the whole rose thing.

Capitalism Causes Homelessness 15.May.2004 18:53

ed lut

Whoever dreamed this up must be a true Socialist. Homelessness is caused by drugs and too much booze. Section 8 housing should be reduced to 0! I started out poor and have worked me entire life to pay for my home, education, etc.

good boy there, ed lut 15.May.2004 19:08


give you a pat on the back for your GOODNESS!

They can exclude you from the parks 15.May.2004 20:54


Yes, the authorities do this every year, but nobody ever reports on it. Good job street roots.

And yes, you can receive a park exclusion. The park exclusion only stayed off of the books for a few weeks after the court ruling, before the city rewrote the law and put it back on the books.

And yes, we are socialists, thank you very much!

It looks 15.May.2004 22:04

to me

to be major copwatching time = all with cameras pull together and take shifts.

It is truly sad... 15.May.2004 22:09


...that scum bags like Sizemore and his group of antitax blow hards have decimated schools with that ignorant measure 14 years ago, almost to the month. A measure that has affected many other measures ever since, a measure that has not reduced taxes, had no plan to replace lost school funding and left us with endless measures to make up for these losses. We live in a state that does not support funding for the arts, where students are not required to take PE, where even the Rose Festival has been degraded to an overpriced carnie scene. They used to have reknown groups, our bands used to be proud. Wake up Portland and smell the roses.

relief for waterfront 15.May.2004 23:46


the issue of removing the carny stuff has been before city council numerous times, but it always stays there....good for downtown business, so everyone has to sacrifice their waterfront refuge for dollars...I wish I could think of a solution that would fly...maybe the expo center idea would work now that there's MAX out to it.

Military rowdy.......aok 16.May.2004 09:34

The bastard son of Popeye

"What about all the tweaker carnies and dont forget all the prostitutes that come down from Tacoma to hang out at the rose festival "Trouble Center"- oops, I mean "pepsi waterfront village" "

Don't forget all the semen er.......seamen coming to town.

i'm glad to see this... 16.May.2004 13:37


they'll use these rules to cite and arrest all of the suburbanites that sleep in beach chairs overnight on the sidewalk just to get a good view of the floats, right?

when they started cracking down on critical mass, katz said it was because of all the 911 calls coming from car drivers (never mind that the 911 calls were false emergencies and the false reporters should have been ticketed). perhaps if activists want to keep the police hopping and remind them of their hypocrisy they can walk around and call in all of the sit-lie crimebreakers.

i guess sleeping on the sidewalk is only ok if you are doing it by choice.

action? 02.Jun.2004 12:44


has anyone thought about doing a "ticketing" of those burbinites camped out on the street the day before the parade? i think that it would be a good action to take explaining that "if you are homeless or part of another discriminated group, this would be a ticket resulting in a $$$ fine, and or jail time..." and maybe list some facts of the sit/lie ridiculousness, homeless stats, etc. Is any group doing this? If so I would love to help, if not I would love to get a group together. I have worked, and currently work with homeless issues in Portland and could get a good flyer together. Thoughts?  cinnamongrl88@hotmail.com

Stop the hand-outs !!!!! 04.Jun.2004 11:57

Paying my own way

It sure will be nice when people start taking responsibility for themselves and stop expecting others to foot the bill. It is not the government's job to feed and house people who have chosen not to care for themselves. Quit whinning and start acting. Those that think they are being compassionate by giving out freebies are naive. All you're doing is enabling these individuals to keep being dependent.