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Gov.sets up Office of Homeland Security

Kulongoski creates Office of Homeland Security..
Govenor Kulongoski signed an executive order on Tuesday to create
an Office of Homelamd Security for Oregon.
Former director of the Office of Emergency Management , Beverlee
Venell, has been appointed director,
The Gov. says..it will be funded with existing money
that will be reallocated.

I'll add my own comment here..Kulongoski is a BUFFOON.
He is not a leader of any kind. I believe he is a puppet
for people like the shamed and retired Goldscmhidt and others.
For the good or bad of the people.

I recall his patriotic fervor when he returned from his
"Support the Troops" Iraq visit. He has the perfect
maleable american mind.
Find another candidate before your next election
or he'll make it a cakewalk for a republican..like Mannix..
You say.."NEVER in Salem...""hmmm.