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imperialism & war | political theory

What WAR is....

It's the clothes that FEAR wears to the party.
This is how Fear materializes physically - all of our resources and energy - trillions of dollars - getting sapped away for the purpose of striking out at other humans INSTEAD of creating an *actually* Free World -- Free housing for everyone......Free medical and dental......Free education for the masses........
That could be our entire world right NOW.

Instead, the force of fear has infected our collective mind, and has brilliantly weaseled it's cancerous tentacles around the most powerful sword in human history - the American military industrial complex.

Think about where that path leads.
Death and Destruction.
That's what fear creates.
That's the fate of empires.

Counter the fear. Subvert the dominant paradigm.

Love life, don't fear it. It's lovely. It's lively.
Love your enemy - they just want to rock the casbah like everyone else.

Every time we, as individuals, decide to react to a situation or a person from a position of fear, we add a little ripple to what has become a huge and terrible wave that is looming over all of us with it's awesome and terrible potential.

We can each subtract energy from this Wave of Destruction by approaching situations and people with a little friendliness and trust that this person or situation isn't going to fuck us over.
Oh, and vote.