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Laura Bush in Portland Wednesday!

Laura Bush is to make an appearance at a Portland school next Wednesday,
May 26.
Local television news mentioned that Laura Bush will appear at a "Roundtable" at a Portland middle or elementary school (which one???) about "No Child Left Behind." This very Wednesday. They didn't say if her usual "secret weapon" fundraising is included.

We must give her the traditional Portland Welcome. Please post any time/place details y'all can sleuth out!
correction. laura May 19 15.May.2004 01:11

Pinot Noir

Sorry, Laura Bush is in town this Wednesday, May 19 (not 26) according to local news.

Yes! 15.May.2004 20:23

precious time

A chance to protest a librarian! Yes!

Let's get out the black bandanas, boys. We've got the work of the Lord to do.

Big Nothing 16.May.2004 11:25

Curious George

Does anyone take this woman seriously? Who cares?

Here's Why to Protest Her 16.May.2004 12:34


from the Telegraph (UK) 2/20/04:

"Away from the cameras, however, Republican campaigners boast that Mrs Bush is a 'secret weapon', whose cross-country official tours commonly combine public appearances at schools and libraries with private fund-raising lunches and receptions. Mrs Bush has raised 2.8 million for her husband's re-election war chest."

Still need the where and what time of her Portland appearance. They do keep their education roundtables secretive.