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Neighborhood Activists Create History By Running As Coalition in City Council Race

Portland, OR-- Seven neighborhood activists from different quadrants of Portland are running as a coalition. This historic move may be the first in a series of strategies to bring power from corporate interests back to the citizens of this City. For Commissioner position 4, incumbant Randy Leonard faces neighborhood activists Frank Dixon, Leonard Gard, Mark Lakeman, Paul Liestner, Bonny McKnight, Mary Ann Scwab, and Scott Stephens.

Major Portland media including the Oregonian, Willamette Week and the Mercury have consistently endorsed the incumbant for his style more than his content. On the other side, they have attacked the neighborhood candidates as not being serious candidates with little regard to their ideas and the community support of their ideas.

Regardless of which candidate comes in first or second, these neighborhood activists have set an important precedant for working together, sharing resources, and supporting each other in a political campaign. The incumbant, a political professional, has ten times the cash raised than all the other candidates combined. However, these candidates have shown that cooperation-- not competition-- lead to a better vision for all of the inhabitants of our City.
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