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Poem to the Willamette Week regarding Goldschmidt cover

This week's WW cover calls Goldschmidt having sex with (statutory rape) a 14 year old babysitter, "incomprehensible." To quote Inigo Montoya, "I don't think that word means what you think it means." That in the back of the same issue is an advertisement which promises to provide "Real Teens! Real Sex!" means it should not be 'incomprehensible' to WW editors that many selfish adult men coerce sex from adolescent girls who suffer the rest of their lives from such abuses of power and trust.
The Devil Makes Them Do It

They say it ain't the tv poisoning men's minds
forcing women to look behind
say it ain't Limb Bizkit, 50 Cent or Eminem
could someone tell me why it is then
rapes are up while other crimes are down
but it's ain't our boys, just the Devil come to town
yeah, must be that Satan throwing his weight around

Cause it ain't porn showing women like to be cut
spit on, slapped, strangled then fucked
ain't Hugh Hefner, ain't Larry Flynt
to blame for women's severe mistreatment
it's natural, biological, it's all over the world
it's normal for men to prey on young girls

Cause it ain't Howard Stern, Dr. Laura, radio
telling boys she means yes when she's crying no
ain't Clarence Thomas' fault, ain't Rush Limbaugh's
that the Equal Rights Amendment never became law
guess there aren't enough people who support equality
but it's the Devil's fault, not ours, the people all agree

Ain't the Willamette Week or the Mercury
selling women in their ads just like negroes used to be
it's the true mark of freedom, the American Dream
that the average US whore turns her first trick at 13
pointing fingers at Goldschmidt, bad childraping man
all the while three fingers pointing right back at them

I really don't believe that every four minutes
moms applaud the rapes their sons are committing
so it surely ain't parents teaching them this behavior
yet they learn somewhere that if you want her, take her
but it ain't gangsta rappers who have replaced 'woman' with
ho, dyke, cunt, slut, cocksucking bitch

So if it ain't parents, the media, or tv
help me comprehend what the source may be
and while you're at it can you help me understand
the childfucking fantasies of my fellow man
look's like the Devil's getting restless these days
no, it ain't us, it's Lucifer at play
surely only Satan could treat people this way