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For 8 days in May, Truckers closed the Port of Oakland

For eight days in May, the Port of Oakland was virtually shut down by truckers striking for better conditions. The same port had been closed down by antiwar protesters just three weeks before, so a small contingent of us from Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW) joined them as a community support group and reported their struggle on Indymedia.
The strike actually began in central and also in southern California as a one-day protest, but on reaching Oakland it lasted from April 30th to May 7th. Movement of cargo was reduced to 25 percent of normal and on some days to only 10 percent.

Several hundred of the striking drivers occupied the gate area of the APL terminal along Middle Harbor Road. They'd moved in and made themselves to home. Some were also spending the nights there. Most of these truckers were immigrants, coming from all over the world, some from the Punjab, others from Haiti, and a good many from the various countries of Latin America. Nevertheless, these diverse ethnic groups had gotten together for this action.
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