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Just One Last Word on This Beheading

I hate to beat a dead horse, but...
I happened to see the video and I just have one question that I don't see anyone raising (maybe I missed it). Why is this guy so limp? The arterial bleeding (spurting) seems to be missing (OK) and the screaming seems dubbed in (OK). That may all be debatable. However, this person wasn't beheaded by a samurai. His head was SAWED off with a knife. I don't know about you - but I would be thrashing about like a jackrabbit on crack if someone was sawing MY head off at that pace. Maybe it's ust me.

I agree 14.May.2004 00:39

just a guy

uh-huh. Had to have been dead already.

They fake so much of the news these days 14.May.2004 01:12


It very convient that they get that link to al-Qaida. I hardly believe anything I see on the news anymore. Maybe it was real, maybe not.

Anyone have a link to that website?

This is not the last word... let's see who killed him! 14.May.2004 05:25


the guys with ski masks look very much like CIA agents doing the same thing in El Salvador 10 & 15 years ago.

They look exactly like CIA 14.May.2004 09:05

Ben Laughin (at ridiculous lefties)

Yes they looked exactly like CIA agents! I could totally tell! I could tell just by the way he held the knife. Those masks don't cover anything. In fact one looked like a guy I went to high school with--I recognized the fingernails!

You fools !!!!!!

Modus Operandi 14.May.2004 09:35

Regenerative Feedback

Its the modus operandi that's suspect, not the physical appearance.

This is where the video came from 14.May.2004 09:55


This is where the video came from:  http://www.al-ansar.biz , now shut down.

I think the registration date is interesting, among other interesting information yielded from a whois of the website. I believe this website doman name was registered right about the same time that Rumsfeld & Myers said that "the whole world" was informed about the allegations at Abu Ghraib prison during thier "testimony".

The testimony can be read here:  http://www.antiwar.com/news/?articleid=2525
I find it interesting that most of that inital damage control seems to have been taking place (at least publicy) about a week after this website was created. Seems a little fishy, I doubt we'll ever know the truth.

I wonder if the CIA would open a file on you if you sent the guy who registered this website an email ->

[Querying whois.neulevel.biz]
Domain Name: AL-ANSAR.BIZ
Domain ID: D3802752-BIZ
Sponsoring Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
Domain Status: ok
Registrant ID: GODA-02193073
Registrant Name: Omar AbuOmar
Registrant Organization: Al-ansar Biz
Registrant Address1: new dream st 33
Registrant City: nurnberg
Registrant State/Province: Not Applicable
Registrant Postal Code: 42114
Registrant Country: Denmark
Registrant Country Code: DK
Registrant Phone Number: +965.15441211
Registrant Email:  alansar_alansar@hotmail.com
Administrative Contact ID: GODA-22193073
Administrative Contact Name: Omar AbuOmar
Administrative Contact Organization: Al-ansar Biz
Administrative Contact Address1: new dream st 33
Administrative Contact City: nurnberg
Administrative Contact State/Province: Not Applicable
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 42114
Administrative Contact Country: Denmark
Administrative Contact Country Code: DK
Administrative Contact Phone Number: +965.15441211
Administrative Contact Email:  alansar_alansar@hotmail.com
Billing Contact ID: GODA-32193073
Billing Contact Name: Omar AbuOmar
Billing Contact Organization: Al-ansar Biz
Billing Contact Address1: new dream st 33
Billing Contact City: nurnberg
Billing Contact State/Province: Not Applicable
Billing Contact Postal Code: 42114
Billing Contact Country: Denmark
Billing Contact Country Code: DK
Billing Contact Phone Number: +965.15441211
Billing Contact Email:  alansar_alansar@hotmail.com
Technical Contact ID: GODA-12193073
Technical Contact Name: Omar AbuOmar
Technical Contact Organization: Al-ansar Biz
Technical Contact Address1: new dream st 33
Technical Contact City: nurnberg
Technical Contact State/Province: Not Applicable
Technical Contact Postal Code: 42114
Technical Contact Country: Denmark
Technical Contact Country Code: DK
Technical Contact Phone Number: +965.15441211
Technical Contact Email:  alansar_alansar@hotmail.com
Name Server: NS11.TASSMEEM.NET
Name Server: NS12.TASSMEEM.NET
Created by Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
Last Updated by Registrar: GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
Domain Registration Date: Tue Jan 07 01:54:38 GMT 2003
Domain Expiration Date: Thu Jan 06 23:59:59 GMT 2005
Domain Last Updated Date: Sat Jan 03 20:54:01 GMT 2004


orange overalls and prison chairs 14.May.2004 10:50

the smoking seat

What are the odds here?

Abu Ghraib prison chair

"Al Qaida" chair

Abu Ghraib prison chair

Re: Modus Operandi 14.May.2004 10:57

Ben Laughin (at ridiculous lefties)

Absolutley it's the Modus Operandi. Just as individuals who are prone to believe superstitions can find the "bad luck" after a black cat crosses their path, or those who claim to have seen a ghost or UFO are more likely to have been "looking" for one. Those of you on the left are going to jump to baseless, even ridiculous conclusions because you want to beleive something that will damage your (political) enemies. So anything that remotely looks suspicious you all shout "see it was Bush and his minions!" Never worry about the truth or the facts if they don't support your position, right?

And by the way, I did in fact read a post on PIMC that suggested the skin color and staure of the hooded butchers clearly indicated that they were CIA operatives.

questioning your leader is treason! 14.May.2004 11:07

the chairs of 'Al Qaida'

Al Zarqawi dons a black hood for anonymity.
"I am Al Zarqawi", he proclaims!

At this point, the leader ["Al Zarqawi"], wearing a very dark head covering, is the one doing the carving. The only guy wearing a white head covering is on the far left of the screen, holding the victim down.

Then there is a edit at 13:46:33 that returns at 13:47:46 (a gap of about 1:13). At this point, a guy wearing a white head covering (who was last seen holding down the victim on the left of the screen for the leader/speaker who started out wearing a very dark head covering) suddenly "trades places" with the ostensible leader [finishes the head-hacking], and holds the victim's head up to the camera for all of us to enjoy.
'stickdog' at globalfreepress

The Al-Qaida people are probably just as bad as they are,
-Michael Berg

what's this Ben Laughin (at ridiculous lefties) doing here? 14.May.2004 11:14

Ben Laughin (at ridiculous rightwing nutters)

don't these rightwing nutters know this isn't their usual posting site? Who cares what they think?

I Am Not Depressed And Have No Intentions Of Suicide! 14.May.2004 13:02


So if I "take my own life" after posting this... you know what really happened.

Look, I was horrified at the video and I have no idea if it was faked to counter act the prison abuse photos or if it was CIA really killing this kid to, again, make the abuse photos pale in comparison, but, one thing is for certain... it's entirely possible Berg was working for the CIA.

After 9-11, the CIA questions him about a 9-11 attacker using his E Mail account? And after being "cleared" of any part in 9-11, Berg goes to Iraq? The most likely place on Earth he will most certainly get mixed up with terrorists again?

His apperance was suspect as well. In the video footage he is not only rail thin, he is sporting what one can only describe as a muslim-esque beard. He could almost pass off as one of the clan in that part of the world.

It's entirely possible Berg was working for the CIA, either prior to 9-11 (to infiltrate terror groups in the US) or after (perhaps the CIA convinced him they had enough evidence on him to send him to the chair for 9-11 and said "or you can work for us").

So, while it's impossible for anyone of us to say who killed him, or if he was really killed (after all "a body" was sent home, who's to say who it really was) but one can definitely say the 9-11 terror connection and his subsequent execution in Iraq at the hands of terrorists is entirely too much of a coincidence.

I'm expecting a knock on my door after I post this...

Email? 14.May.2004 13:25


Where can I find information about Berg being questioned after 9/11?

Berg 9-11 Questioning... 14.May.2004 14:13


Here is a link to a story on Fox News:


It was also covered on CNN.com.

And, for all the latest conspiracy news related to Berg, www.rense.com has a plethora of stories, postings and links to other news sites about the "coincidences" and problems with the video and the translation of the speech made by the terrorists who killed him. The stories which provide links to other legitimate news sources are the ones which deserve some consideration. Althought "legitimate" is subjective, I know.

Berg 'accidentally' gave away his email password to stranger on bus 14.May.2004 15:03

here is the story of Berg meeting "terrorist" on the bus

as he attended a "remote" Univ. of Oklahoma class -

he met the dude on the bus - didn't know him otherwise - and this dude asked to use Berg's laptop email password so he could check his own email (according to Berg's dad, this dude used a lot of other people's email passwords too).

anyway, the dude Berg had met on the bus that day turned out to be one of Moussaoui's best buddies, and that's how Moussaoui later ended up with Berg's email password.

Pretending to be a Islamic Holy Warrior is nothing new 14.May.2004 15:19


Take these Israeli's and their history of tricks:
The Star of David necklace being worn by a real life terrorist.
The Star of David necklace being worn by a real life terrorist.

the "Accidental" Email Password Give-Away on the Bus 14.May.2004 16:05

jes' thinkin . . . .

WHY would an acknowleged techno nerd/geek like Nicholas Berg

GIVE AWAY his email account password to a TOTAL STRANGER on this bus?!?

[especially a "total stranger" who AMAZINGLY, COINCIDENTALLY "just happened" to be one of Moussaoui's close associates]

at the very least, he could (and should) have logged into his email account with his own password BY HIMSELF, and then handed his laptop over to this guy for him to send/receive emails.

the 'cover stories' and 'amazing coincidences' are becoming sketchier by the minute.

and further on the Email Password Giveaway 14.May.2004 16:22

jes' thinkin . . .

even if Berg had any doubts (which according to the 'amazing coincidence' he apparently, naively did not) immediately following his little bus encounter with the stranger,

as a savvy techno-geek he could easily have CHANGED HIS OWN PASSWORD right after this, so that no one passing along his account password would have access later (e.g. Moussaoui).




Ashcroft Says: "No Link Between Berg and Terrorists" 14.May.2004 16:46

washington repost

At the Justice Department news conference called to announce an initiative against child pornography, Ashcroft was asked about the FBI's involvement with Berg. He said that after interviewing him at an Iraqi police station in Mosul, FBI agents informed the U.S.-led occupation authority in Baghdad that they had "no derogatory information" about Berg that would warrant further detention.

Ashcroft said FBI and Coalition Provisional Authority officials emphasized to Berg that he was in a "dangerous environment" and urged him to accept an offer to arrange his safe passage out of Iraq. He said Berg refused that offer, as well as government offers to advise his family and friends of his status.

"We did not develop any interest in Mr. Berg or determine in any way that he had any relationship to any activities of terror," Ashcroft said.

Ashcroft was also asked about FBI questioning of Berg in 2002 after a computer password he had used in college turned up in the possession of Zacarias Moussaoui, an al Qaeda adherent who is currently awaiting trial in the United States on conspiracy charges related to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Berg's family and U.S. officials said Berg had loaned his computer and e-mail address to a man he met while riding a bus to classes at the University of Oklahoma in 1999 and that the man turned out to be a terrorism suspect who was acquainted with Moussaoui.

"The suggestion that Mr. Berg was in some way involved in terrorist activity or may have been linked . . . is a suggestion that we do not have any ability to support and we do not believe is a valid one," Ashcroft said.

He discounted the significance of Berg's reported sharing of his e-mail address and the subsequent link to Moussaoui.

"We do not believe that reflects any association with terrorist objectives or activities," Ashcroft said. "It's not uncommon for individuals from time to time to allow computer use by other individuals in university settings."

Ashcroft said he did not know whether Berg ever knew Moussaoui, adding, "I do know that the matter was resolved, and it was resolved in a way that indicated that there was no inappropriate involvement in terror."

what's this Ben Laughin (at ridiculous lefties) doing here? 14.May.2004 17:54


I thought this website was a forum for all, be it left, right or us free thinking true independants who refuse either side to feed us a line of crap. Hence the name Indy Media. I suggest you consult Webster.

New link 15.May.2004 17:58


Failed Red Herring 15.May.2004 22:50

Too Bad

The beheading smoke-screen did not work.