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Berg decapitation video declared a fraud by doctor

We forwarded the video to Doctor Raul Castro Guevara, a surgeon and forensic expert in Mexico City for his expert opinion.
Doctor Raul Castro Guevara is saying that there is no way that the individual in the video was alive and his heart pumping while his neck was being cut. The doctor adds that in these cases, while the heart is pumping, cutting a person artery in the neck, would cause copious amounts of blood to spurt all over the immediate environment. He says that in his opinion the video is a fraud.
The first casualty of war is the truth and this one has been no exception. La Voz de Aztlan obtained a copy of the video showing the beheading of American Nick Berg of Philadelphia and immediately something very odd was readily apparent. Not only were the purported screams of Nick Berg not in synchrony with the decapitation but their was also a total lack of blood spurting out as his jugular and other veins and arteries were being cut.

We forwarded the video to Doctor Raul Castro Guevara, a surgeon and forensic expert in Mexico City for his expert opinion. He wrote back and commented, "No hay manera que el individuo en el video estaba vivo y su corazon funcionando cuando le estaban cortando la cabeza. En estos casos, el corazon impela sangre con gran presion, y se corta las arterias del pezqueso, hay una gran cantidad de sangre que salpica por todos lados. En mi opinion el video es un fraude."

Doctor Raul Castro Guevara is saying that there is no way that the individual in the video was alive and his heart pumping while his neck was being cut. The doctor adds that in these cases, while the heart is pumping, cutting a person artery in the neck, would cause copious amounts of blood to spurt all over the immediate environment. He says that in his opinion the video is a fraud.

We hope that our readers view the video and see for themselves. We will provide a copy to any of our subscribers that have been supportive of our publication. Send a request to La Voz de Aztlan at  Fake_Video@Aztlan.Net

If you are able to view the video, please pay close attention to the five so called Al queda terrorists making the political statement. Look at their height, weight, skin color and their mannerisms. Do you think these people are Arabs or Iraqis?

Originally posted @  http://www.aztlan.net/fake_video.htm

But, why? 13.May.2004 08:36


You mean you don't think the CIA'd actually murder someone in a snuff movie?
I'll bet it's easier to just grab someone and use them than to have to employ a special effects team.
From the version I saw, i couldn't tell if there were 'copious amounts' of blood or not.
I mean, why fake a decapitation when his family actually says that he's dead (or missing), and they ain't exactly toting the company line.
They're blaming Bushco for his being delayed in Iraq and his subsequent death.
I'm wondering if this event was designed to nullify the torture images and it's backfired.
But I also think that human life is cheap to the spook community.
Certainly cheaper than having to hire a special effects team.

Chardman 13.May.2004 09:05

Sleepy Holler

The video was of poor quality, and there are reports of time stamp problems. Couldn't they have filmed this person (or some person) alive, killed them (or not) and then cut the mans head off after he was dead? No special effects needed, just a bit of very rough editting.

I watched it 13.May.2004 09:35

Sleepy Holler

...I really didn't want to, but I did. I strongly suspected that it was a hoax before I watched it. Now I am sure of it.

I think most want to BELIEVE it is a fake 13.May.2004 11:49


Beause the reality if the brutality is far more horrific to comprehend. Just as many want to believe the prisoner abuse is an "isolated" incident. It's much easier to deal with if you believe we simply had a few bad kids doing bad things, than it is to believe it's widespread.

Same with the video. I've not seen it, I've only heard the audio. The only thing I would point out is that there is a lot of screaming. If the throat is cut, the screaming becomes more of a fluid sounding gurgle as the wind-pipe fills with blood. That sound is never heard. So, from an audio point of view, there seems to be some inconsistency, but without the live images to match, I can not be certain.

But, again, I think it's easier to believe in a fake video than to face the real horrors of the brutality this individual suffered.

agree with chardman and tired_of_it 13.May.2004 12:40


Regardless of who was behind the killing there would be no reason to fake it. We're not talking about people with a regard for human life whether it was spooks or the mujahadeen. It would be cheaper and easier to just kill someone, especially if it was someone who was already targeted for execution (someone suspected of being an "enemy" by one side or the other (or both) for instance).

I also agree that in this country we don't see enough of what is happening in areas where war is a part of daily life. I saw footage from the recent raids in gaza and was amazed at how different the daily reality and worldview must be for people witnessing that in real life. We must have an appreciation for that if we are to make sense of the world.

"tired_of_it" - We already KNOW he DIED. 13.May.2004 12:52

the question is:

HOW and WHEN did Nicholas Berg die,

and WHO actually killed him and dumped his body?

the video - along with the method and timing of its release - raises serious questions in each case, and when circumstances of Berg's disappearance are examined it looks more and more like black ops propaganda.

any number of militant or anti-occupation groups could have captured or abducted Berg in his galavanting travels around Iraq (which the FBI supposedly cautioned him about),

Zarqawi himself is reportedly dead as of months ago,

and even if it is him as claimed/dubbed in the video, he is not exhibiting a limp or disability from his prosthetic leg.

Why?? 13.May.2004 12:56


Why indeed!!! The video sort of reminds me of the Iran hostage crisis,in which one of
the American prisoners was hung.After looking at the photos,it was clear that he was already dead before he was hung.What gave it away?? His chin was touching his chest,and his feet were pointing straight out-not in a relaxed position as they should have been in.It was clear that rigor mortis had already set in.In this case,why was Berg wearing US issued orange prison coveralls? One of the "Iraqi's" was overheard saying in Russian,"Hurry up,or do it quickly" The lack of blood should show that this man was already dead before he was decapitated.The scream that was heard was obviously dubbed in,and is said to be that of a woman.The camera angle did'nt allow us to see whether he had his eyes open,or closed.My personal opinion is that this was staged to get people's, (or the sheeple's), minds off of the Iraqi prisoner abuse.What about the Geneva Convention???
Let's hear a lot more about this,and don't let them try to pull the wool over your eyes.



I dunno 13.May.2004 13:10

I really don't

"We already KNOW he DIED."

Do we? That information comes from who, and how dependable are they? As dependable as we are when we say we never had him in custody?

I could probably give you three reasons off the top of my head that no more than a fake would be necessary here, especially if what looks a lot like a rush job ever gets taken apart more carefully.

What's going to happen, the old vet is going to tell me stand there by the casket if I don't believe it, like I should believe it'll be an open casket and I'll be invited, or like that's the same thing as doing an autopsy personally. What do I *know* but hearsay and undeniable and inexplicable discrepancies in the video?

If I'm not mistaken, we may still have a whole planeload of people we're looking for who may never have crashed into the Pentagon. We already know they died? Do we? Some people still can't find a reason to believe something that big hit the Pentagon, and there were eyewitnesses who said nothing that big did.

"But, again, I think it's easier to believe in a fake video than to face the real horrors of the brutality this individual suffered."

I would do at least a little wondering why it's so easy to believe in a fake video even for people who are facing up to the full realities, that torture is widespread, that it isn't the worst of it, the whole nightmare generally, these are not head-in-the-sand kind of people.

I would even do a little wondering why it's so easy for so many people to believe the video is real. Nick Berg can walk down main street in Baghdad tomorrow and is anyone going to say "hey you're that guy in the video," or is he going to be downright invisible because nearly everyone is so anxious to be so sure he's dead?

to "i dunno" - 13.May.2004 13:31

the question is:

you are correct that we probably can't even 100% confirm Berg's actual death, given our information source.

and your reactions to and analysis of these images and claims are well taken.

but you must also take into account that the WARS being fought are not just flesh-and-blood torture, killing, imperial plunder etc.

there is a PROPAGANDA WAR being fought by the same forces who implement the empire, and every significant turn of this war - starting with 9/11 - needs to be deconstructed and exposed, "belief" or "disbelief", "fake" or "reality" challenged. The Berg video is another counter-offensive in this propaganda war.

it's a war for domination and control of YOUR MIND.

for further explanation and understanding, read George Orwell's novel 1984.

some relevant quotes:

"We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't. I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows."
~Katherine Graham, late owner of the Washington Post, in a speech to CIA recruits in 1988

"Whoever controls the media—the images—controls the culture."
~Allen Ginsberg

"Truth is the greatest of all national possessions. A state, a people, a system which suppresses the truth or fears to publish it, deserves to collapse."
~Kurt Eisner

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."
~Upton Sinclair

"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant."
~Maximilien Robespierre

"Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the media"
~Noam Chomsky

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
~William Colby, former director of the CIA

"Don't be shocked when I say I was in prison; you're still in prison. That's what America means—prison."
~Malcolm X

"It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head."
~Sally Kempton

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."
~Steve Biko

What a horrible video 13.May.2004 13:54


Hard to say, the quality is so bad. I watched it on full screen, looking for blinking eyes, or evidence of breathing.

I did see a few points where Berg's eyes appeared to blink, but the frame rate was bad and the image blurry, so it's difficult to say for sure.

"The purported scream" was obvious dubbed in -- clearly, it was never intended to be representative of Berg screaming at that moment. It is, therefore, totally irrelevant.

During the final beheading scene, Berg does appear to be pushing upwards violently against the man holding him down. The center of movement definitely seems to be forward of where he is being held by his assailant.

A truly horrific video though.

Autopsy 13.May.2004 14:09


The family should call for an autopsy. They should have DNA tests to determine whether or not it is their son. The autopsy should be able to determine whether the head was cut off before or after the person died.

Also, I've only seen reports that his "body" was found on the overpass. I've not seen any mention of the head being found with the body. And I've seen no mention of just how they identified the body as that of Nick Berg.

Has anyone seen any mention of the above?

henceforth, the USDOD really should contract out to 13.May.2004 15:56

Dreamworks or Disney

to do their propaganda films. This was such a horrible film...such a botch job...so unreal...so fake!

Looks real to me 13.May.2004 17:16


I've watched this video, the Daniel Pearl video, and several videos of Chechens cutting off the heads of Russian soldiers, and they all look crudely (and disgustingly barbarically) similar.
If this was a forgery, much better quality and "realistic" depiction of a beheading could be done with a little special effects makeup and better production. I'm not
sure what the controversy about the blood is all about....there appears to be blood on the floor during the execcution sequence although its really hard to see due to low resolution. For a gruesome comparison see this:


to "-ed" the Snuff film connoisseur 13.May.2004 17:45


well "-ed" i'll take your word that it looks as "real" or authentic as the other decapitation videos you cite: choppy edits, low resolution, bad dubbing and all, but -

(aside from the very sketchy circumstances of Berg's disappearance and his un-DNA-tested body's "discovery")

my main problem with this video's veracity is not whether the gore/special effects/editing are convincing,

but rather that the Main Characters are believable.

who are these people really, and what can possibly authenticate that al-Zarqawi is still alive let alone responsible - prosthetic leg and all - for the events in the video? how many faked and discredited "Osama" videos have we seen? remember the "gassed dog"?