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link to beheading video

link to beheading video with commentary
beheading video
beheading video
Ogrish.com has a link to the last half of the video. See the first half at yahoo news or something like that.

Clearly this video contains extremely violent and disturbing images and watch at your own risk. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the indymedia editors deletes this post and in some senses I almost wish I had never seen it... But I'm in favor of information being free and allowing the viewer to make their choice. That's the beautiful thing about living in a free society.

That said, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!? I mean, really.

After seeing the video, I resisted the urge to go to knee-jerk extremes... On one hand "look at what these animals want to do to us? we have to stop our infighting and snuff out the root of whatever caused this and rally behind our leaders"... On the other hand "we got what we deserve for invading their country in the first place. Is this the face of the cheering crowds we thought would greet us?". Tried to see beyond the whole "we put someone on a leash, they cut off someone's head, who's the real terrorist?" but stopped short of the tinfoil hatish "the beheading was a staged cia event to divert attention from the US prison torture"

Similarly conflicted feelings about what to do about it. Flee Iraq now, rewarding the extremists? Increase our committment and further agitate the wound and increase our exposure? Pardon the overused phrase, but I really sense there's a dire need for serious out of the box thinking e.g. start losing the war in order to give iraqi's a greater sense of responsibility for their own welfare and control. I hope someone higher up is doing some serious analysis on what to do, someone smart, wise, genuine, in-touch. I almost don't say this because I could picture some freeper groaning at my nostalgia, but I wonder what Clinton or Gore think we should do about the situation. I'm afraid I don't have any answers.

This is just me, but I wish that the left would start talking about what _should_ be done rather than criticizing what _is_ being done. That's one thing I don't necessarily like about Air America Radio... I've heard a couple callers ask "so what do you think we should do instead? what's the left's alternative proposal?" the response is always "thanks for calling, we'll be back after this break". Has anyone else noticed this?

Anyway that's my 2 pennies.
learn the history 13.May.2004 12:31

find the solutions

The solutions are easy if one understands the history and the logical consequences of actions.

"This is just me, but I wish that the left would start talking about what _should_ be done rather than criticizing what _is_ being done."

There are plenty of people talking about what should be done, though perhaps not on Air America. The democrats don't have a leg to stand on since they're just advocating more troops to bring "stability" to Iraq.

"Flee Iraq now, rewarding the extremists?"

You forget, the "extremists" (I'm assuming you mean fundamentalist Muslims) were already rewarded with the removal of Saddam Hussein. That was their goal for decades and the US gave it to them, along with the removal of bases from Saudi Arabia and increasing anti-US sentiment throughout the arab world.

So, yes, the solution is to withdraw completely. We cannot create a democracy in a country where we don't want the majority group to have power. That's *why* the US backed Hussein for 4 decades. People talk about a civil war but I have news for them: nothing the US is going to do is going to prevent a civil war in Iraq.

And this isn't new, people have been giving these solutions since the war in Iraq began. It's a war that never should have been started in the first place seeing as how it was illegal and Hussein was completely contained.

"the beheading was a staged cia event to divert attention from the US prison torture"

Given the history of the CIA, would that be so hard to believe? I'm not saying it's the case but I would have no doubt that there are those employed by the CIA who would do worse (remember Hussein and Bin Laden were both on the CIA payroll at one time, not to mention countless other torturers and murderers).

Remember there are those who want an escalation of violence. Many are making a fortune from this war; some are just happy to be playing their role in "the end times". The trick is not to fall for it. We all know what the escalation of violence has brought, is bringing, and will bring in the future. This is not rocket science. The path of violence, vengeance, and war has only 1 outcome.

Following WW1 the people of the US were so disgusted by war that they referred to the Europeans as savages at the start of WW2 because they were resorting to war. I suppose the lesson is judge not lest ye be judged. Perhaps we will have to go through far a far worse conflict to reach that point again (didn't Nostradamus predict that WW3 would last 27 years and leave 2/3 of the population of the world dead?).

But there is an easier, quicker, less painful path for those who choose to follow it.

Get out means get out 13.May.2004 13:52

Exit stage left

"This is just me, but I wish that the left would start talking about what _should_ be done rather than criticizing what _is_ being done"

I thought Kucinich was doing that, for example. Apparently some of us still don't listen well while we're being fed "terrah" intraveneously.

"Flee Iraq now, rewarding the extremists?"

Q: How many do Iraqis to we have to torture and kill before we ship out of there before they'll feel "unrewarded" when we go?

iraq - stay or leave? 08.Nov.2004 13:58


there has been so much discussion about this, but isn't it clear that the decision has already been made? the u.s. will withdraw from iraq within 18 months and middle east will descend into chaos. the final impact of the stupid attempt by bush to prove he is more of a man than his father will be civil war in iraq, and lots and lots of dollars flowing into the pockets of the mullahs in iran. it's looking like iran comes out of this with a serious nuclear capability (negotiations between europe and iran to me indicate that the mullahs already have whatever nuclear capability they were after). am i wrong?