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Right Wing and Fascist Junta responsible for beheading!!!!

Bumbling killer fools in one of the right wing organizations - Free Republic - set up the death of Nick Berg to be beheaded in Iraq with complicity of the army, FBI and CIA crazies. The desperation for news to sidetrack the prisoner torture stories and pressure from "the highest levels of government" to amplify the beheading made the corporate news media whores also complicit in this travesty of manipulation and disrespect for the most basic sentiments of compassion in America. Americans will apparently increasingly become the convenience victims of the fascist junta's desperate scramble to stay in power and who you voted for may have little or nothing to do with your hour.
Nick Berg, contractor beheaded recently by unknown ski mask characters posing as radical Arabs, was very pro-Bush and pro-war. His father (older and wiser) was adamantly anti-Bush and anti-war, which earned him the attention of murderous right wing psychopaths in the Free Republic website. This infrahuman lot posted father and the name of the company jointly run by father and son as enemies within the country. This list was then passed to their sick connections in the government and on to Iraq, where son was attempting to fulfill a rebuilding contract that the company won. The rest of the story you can imagine if you watch combinations of Charlie Chaplin and the 3 Stooges on one hand and the Empire Strikes Back and The Return of Satan on the other. After all has been said and done to Nick Berg, a Free Republic psycho writes in their discussion group "I wonder what he thinks of his Iraqui buddies now." With Satanist gumba hit men like Scalia as a model of American Justice, I wonder is we can expect Nick's father, Michael, to end up in jail for suing the government after all this and much more became evident. Trolls, you are going deeper and deeper into the land of perdition, fire and brimstone and will soon, as per prophecy, be eating your own children. You are the return of Satan that you have been so worried about!