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Union Organizing inside of PIRGs

Has anyone tried to organize a union inside of a PIRG-like structure and succeeded? Even if you have failed, that is valuable too, I am planning on doing it, and I need to know what other people have experienced.
I've never done this before, and I've heard it is difficult, but I've talked to a lot of people who have had shitty experiences working with the PIRGs, and I don't want to be one of them. Now I just need to talk to a lot of people who have had experiences organizing within non-profits to find out what you did wrong, or what worked really well. Please comment here if you have helpful stories or advice.
call the wobs 12.May.2004 23:39


The IWW attempted drives in Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, and in other places within ACORN, which has a similar stucture (iron manager fist in the progressive velvet glove). Log on to their web site, or give them a call.

Yes, the IWW 13.May.2004 13:34


The wobs did it with several ACORN shops. Loclaly call 503.231.5488 national: 215,222,1905