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Politics Unusual—Dennis Kucinich Joins Activists at Animal and Human Rights Forum

Ohio Congressman and presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, will sit on a panel and participate in a public conversation about legislating in the place where human and animal rights overlap. In Defense of Animals will host the discussion about legislative solutions to problems where people and animals are often abused.

The forum is being held:
this Sunday, May 16th
Lewis and Clark Law School
10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Room 1
starting at 7:30 pm

pre-forum event, 6:30-7:30 pm, will include tabling with area animal rights groups and an informal video showing from IDA Africa's Sanaga Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon, Africa.

Endorsed by renowned animal rights author, Tom Regan, Kucinich has a clear position about our treatment of animals, stating, "As a necessary component of the living world, we must extend compassion to one another and to every living thing... Through elevating the cause of every creature, we elevate our own humanity."
One panelist, Steve Witte, of Oregon Farm Workers Ministry, will discuss efforts to organize a union to protect dairy workers in Boardman, Oregon, at the Three Mile Canyon Farms. "Interestingly, one of the biggest complaints workers have is the inhumane treatment of the cows." Amid complaints about worker's rights, employees at the intensive dairy farm are upset about animal mistreatment where witnesses say cows, bleeding from their udders, are still being milked.

"When it comes to industrialized animal cruelty, you often don't have to look far to find the people also being abused," according to IDA's Matt Rossell who will be talking about his experiences working for two years as a primate technician at OHSU's Oregon Regional Primate Research Center.

The final panelist, Connie Theil, of Oregon Defenders of Greyhounds and Grey2KUSA will discuss abuses toward greyhounds and the latest legislative attempts to shut down dog racing tracks. All four panelists will get 10 minutes to open the discussion that will end with questions and answers from the audience.

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