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When Are They Going To Start Court Martialing Iraq Prison Dogs?

At least with the dogs involved in the abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners the "I was only following orders" excuse would be believable.
Two More Americans Charged in Abuse Case

2 hours, 34 minutes ago

By FISNIK ABRASHI, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Two more American soldiers have been ordered to stand trial in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt announced Wednesday.

Sgt. Javal Davis, 26, of Maryland and Staff Sgt. Ivan L. "Chip" Frederick II of Buckingham, Va., were ordered to undergo a general court-martial, Kimmitt said. He said the trial date and venue had not been set.

Spc. Jeremy C. Sivits, of Hyndman, Pa., goes on trial May 19 before a special court-martial, which cannot levy as severe a sentence as a general court-martial.

Davis has been charged with conspiracy to maltreat detainees, dereliction of duty for failing to protect detainees from abuse, maltreatment of detainees, rendering false official statements and assault.

Frederick has been charged with conspiracy to maltreat detainees, dereliction of duty for negligibly failing to protect detainees from abuse, maltreatment of detainees, and wrongfully committing an indecent act by watching detainees commit a sexual act.

In the charge sheet, Frederick was accused of having taken part in forcing a prisoner to stand on a box with wires placed on his hands ? a scene displayed in one of the photos that broke open the abuse scandal.

The charge sheet says that the prisoner was told he would be electrocuted if he fell off the box, although the wires were not connected to a power source.

Frederick was also accused of forcing naked detainees into a pyramid position and photographing the scene. He was also alleged to have ordered detainees to masturbate in front of other prisoners and guards and then "placing one in a position so that the detainee's face was directly in front of the genitals of another detainee" to simulate oral sex while photographing them.

Davis allegedly forced detainees into a pile "and jumped on" them, the charge sheet said. He was also accused of having stepped on prisoners' feet and having struck one detainee "in anger."

Davis was also accused of lying to an investigator about such incidents, the charge sheet said.

According to the same report, Davis told Army investigators he was "made to do various things that I would question morally."

He also told investigators that military intelligence personnel appeared to approve of the abuse. "We were told they had different rules," he told investigators, according to the report.

Before deployment in February 2003, Frederick, 37, was a corrections officer at Buckingham Correctional Center, a state prison in rural Dillwyn, in south-central Virginia. His wife, Martha, also works there.

The Army report quotes testimony from a witness who said he saw Frederick hit prisoners stacked in a pile and hit a prisoner who posed no threat. The witness also reportedly testified he observed Frederick watching two inmates perform a sexual act.

In Frederick's written accounts of conditions at Abu Ghraib prison that he sent to his family, he said his job was to prepare prisoners for interrogation and that he was told, "This is how military intelligence wants it done." He said military intelligence officers "encouraged us and told us, 'Great job.'"

Frederick wrote that when he questioned the acting battalion commander about harsh inmate conditions, he was told "to do as he says."

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dunno about Court Martial, but poochies already got BODY ARMOR 12.May.2004 13:09

no armor for Humvees,


what about the cameras? 12.May.2004 13:37

idea guy

clearly the digital cameras that took these pictures need to be held accountable for their appalling actions. the brave commanders who were blindsided by these disobedient gadgets should place them on trial forthwith.