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Secret tortures under the Bush administration

Should we, the American public, tolerate secret tortures by the Bush administration?
What is it about the Bush admninistration that wants to withhold its violations of human rights from the American public? For example, what means of torture were used to force Iraqi detainees to strip completely naked and to perform unspeakable sexual acts? Did the designated confidential photos shown to the U.S. Senate actually reveal what happened beforehand? Do those photos reveal despicable tortures that would be totally unacceptable to the American people?

What assurances do the American citizens and the world have that the super secret Guantanamo prison is not equivalent to a medieval torture chamber? The prison is off-limits to all human rights groups, including the Red Cross. The inmates are not permitted to communicate with anyone, including relatives, attorneys, and human rights inspectors.

If Bush & Company can perform heinous tortures on foreign citizens, could Bush & Company inflict those tortures on accused American citizens? The answer is YES!
I'd pay you if it was legal... 12.May.2004 11:14

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