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Unemployment Benefit Ext Fails by 1 vote: Kerry's

yesterday the Senate passed a $170 corp tax cut bill.... Maria Cantwell of Wash offered an amendment to include extending unemployemnt benefits to over 1 million workers.... and it missed by one vote 59-40. (it needed 60 to pass)

Kerry was the only Senator not to vote, he was campaigning in Kentucky.

Shouldn't this have any Kerry supporter rethinking their position... is anybody but bush really a good strategy- will Kerry be any better?
WASHINGTON -- The Senate on Tuesday rejected by a single vote Sen. Maria Cantwell's amendment to provide extended federal unemployment benefits to 47,000 Washington workers and more than 1 million others nationwide.

The vote came as the chamber moved toward passage of a $170 billion corporate tax bill that would benefit Boeing, Microsoft and other U.S. exporters and help defuse a mounting trade dispute with the European Union.

What's really funny is Kerry's 10 million new jobs promise is by way of corporate tax cuts. So here they give away a huge corp tax cut, and Kerry promises to give away even more... this is a new direction? not!
Another Reason To Not Vote For The Pig 12.May.2004 11:05


Kerry is a pig and he's not getting my vote. He's going to need that unemployment benefist money to send 40,000 troops to torture and murder Iraqis. I'm most likely going to be abstaining in the presidential election. I don't like Nader's politics that much either and he's not running with the backing of a party so there really isn't anything else for me to do than to abstain from this farce of an "election."

Kerry's a fuck-up, but 12.May.2004 11:14

Teddy Ruxpin

He is, sadly, our only alternative that has a chance in unseating Bush. He is barely better, but even if they were 100% the same, I still would vote for Kerry for no other reason than to wipe that smirk off Bush's moronic face.

Remeber: oregon is a swing state, and eastern oregon has as many votes for Bush as Portland has for Kerry. The two are exactly tied for this state as of right now, so the election really can be won or lost by one or two people who refuse to vote, vote Nader, lose their ballots or otherwise don't vote Kerry. This state is very likely to be the Florida of 2004, and every vote is very likely to count. So let's vote Bush out (rather than vote Kerry in) this year, and then work damn hard to replace Kerry in 2008.

Fraud 12.May.2004 11:18

Jim B

Kerry is a fraud and a phoney. We democrats need better. Next Tuesday at the primary I am voting for somebody else just in protest against him. (Yeah, I know he has the nomination, but our votes against him can send a message that he isnīt speaking for us.)
Anybody else?

If the Kerry Apologists Don't Shut the Fuck Up Soon... 12.May.2004 12:35


...my vote may well change from Nader to Bush. I'm sure they won't mind, since a vote for Nader IS a vote for Bush, right?